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Hope’s Homeopathics is an Australian owned & operated business, dedicated to locally manufacturing & supplying world class homeopathic medicine. Established over 14 years ago by qualified Naturopath, Jacqueline Hope, Hopes has remained a trusted & reputable supplier of the highest quality homeopathic medicines nation wide.Hope’s Homeopathics is a *Proud Australian* family owned & operated business.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses very small amounts of naturally occurring substances to bring the body back into a healthy balance.  It is based on the Law of Similars, or the principle of “like cures like”.  This principle was recognised over 2000 years ago by the Greek physician, Hippocrates.   He demonstrated that what a substance can cause, it can also cure.

For example, poison ivy, (botanical name Rhus toxicodendron) can cause a violent skin eruption, with intense itching, fever and swollen glands. The homeopathic remedy Rhus tox. can relieve similar conditions such as chicken pox, shingles or herpes.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann  (1755 – 1843)  is acknowledged as the founder of modern homoeopathy.  A meticulous German physician, Hahnemann tested many thousands more remedies and several volumes of his “Materia Medica” (books of medicines) have been published.

Today, homeopathic medicine continues to grow in popularity. It is practiced all over the world, receiving government recognition in many countries.   The Royal Family in Britain has been treated by homeopaths for many years, and the Queen is patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.  Not only is homeopathy a truly effective alternative medicine, it is also the safest.  Toxic side effects are virtually unknown.

Hopes Arnica Montana - 30C - sprains, strains, bruising ,cramps & more.

Hopes Arnica Montana - 30C - sprains, strains, bruising ,cramps & more.

Arnica montana - 30C



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