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Zeolite > All Skincare

Aussie Ultra-Fine Zeolite Powder

Zeolite clqy ultrafinesml.jpgWhen used in skin care products ultrafine zeolite powder deeply cleanses, detoxifies, protects and exfoliates your skin. Your skin will feel silky soft with each and every time of application.

Micronised Australian Zeolite -The Most Outstanding Anti-Ageing Mineral on the Planet


Zeolite Significantly Improves the Health of Your Skin

  • Potent antioxidant
  • Traps and neutralizes pollutants
  • Powerful exfoliant
  • Soothes and calms acid skin conditions
  • Cleanses and detoxifies
  • Protects

Zeolite is a powerful antioxidant which detoxifies your skin by trapping and neutralising free radicals and other toxic matter. If you do not remove this toxic matter from your skin, your skin cells will age prematurely.

Zeolite also has anti-ageing properties. Ageing of the skin is partly caused by a build up of toxic matter which causes production of free radicals. Zeolite effectively removes these toxins and existing free radicals to keep your skin functioning at a healthy level. Please email  for your FREE copy of suggested skincare uses and applications.


What people have said...... 

Long Term Skin Condition 

My name is Pauline Brady and I am 67 years of age and live in South Australia.

Two weeks before Christmas I developed a rash over my whole body. My skin was constantly itchy and very sensitive. I could not go out in the sun for more than 2 or 3 minutes and wearing clothes irritated my skin.  I could only wear loose fitting cotton clothing.

After consulting a GP I was told it was an allergy and to take antihistamines which did nothing to improve my condition. We then visited our son in Queensland for Christmas and I was taking cold packs to bed with me to keep the inflammation at bay.

On arrival back from Queensland I visited my GP who did blood tests. Results of bloods showed my white cell count was low affecting my immune system. I thought this rather strange as I have for many years taken nutritional supplements and I eat the best diet I can and drink filtered water as my main source of fluids.

The GP then referred me to a dermatologist who took many other bloods with the results showing no abnormalities. Having two different types of rashes, (one was very dry and scaly, similar to scabies and the other similar to large warts) the dermatologist performed 2 biopsies. She says “they found nothing” but they did eliminate scabies.

Three or four months had passed with no improvement at all and still no diagnosis from any medical practitioner.  I started to investigate why I would have a low immune system which listed amalgam fillings.  When I was young, before my teens, I consulted a dentist who would fill people’s teeth just to make money.  He was eventually put out of business.   I had approximately 13-15 amalgams.

I had all the amalgams replaced but wondered how I would get the mercury out of my body.  I consulted a naturopath who took live bloods and confirmed my diagnosis of heavy metals in my system. Nothing he prescribed helped the rash. 

A friend of mine told me about Zeolite.  How amazed I was after 2 days I knew it was working, my skin felt much calmer.  Within 7 days all the rash had disappeared.  My husband also takes it as although he has given up now, he smoked for 55 years and would be at risk of cancer but not now he has the Zeolite.   He now has heaps of energy and does not have his afternoon naps any more.  My son and several other family and friends are so impressed with my improvement that they now all take Zeolite. Everyone is amazed at the change I have gone through since being on this wonderful product. Even the hairdresser couldn’t believe how much healthier my hair is now.

I am so grateful to have Zeolite – it is such an amazing supplement and will take it for the rest of my life. I thank Rayelene from Nikita Naturals and all her team for their wonderful support.

P. Brady, SA, September 2015

NOTE: Pauline uses our ZeoActive Powder for her purposes. Available in singles, double packs & 6 pack for best value.




*Zeo Calm for Unhappy Skin *

* It's Wonderful! * 

Your Zeo Calm lotion is very well named, because it calmed the itch of my eczema and also the dry itchy skin on my legs.  After one application the itch calmed right down then I applied it again the next day and the itch had gone completely.  I didn’t bother putting any more on over the next few days and the eczema came back slightly.  I applied it again every night for about 5 nights and it seems to have cleared up completely.  An excellent product, thanks for supplying it!

Brenda White, NSW

11 September 2012



I love your Zeo Calm cream. It is so soothing and moisturising. 

My skin condition seems to go through phases of good and bad, depending on my over-all health and at the moment I have very dry scalp and ears.  I have found the Zeo Calm really relieves the dryness on my ears. It’s wonderful.

I wonder if you have a similar product for my scalp? I would love to know about it if you do.

Thanks again.

Sue WA .15-10-12 

Zeolite Calming Lotion for the whole body .

Join many others who have reported they love this amazing lotion, 

try it now !

Fantastic products , my mum told me about it yesterday !

RP 5th March 2011


My zeolite & DMSO arrived today, thank you very much.

Had a foot bath with it today(Zeolite) and it was lovely. "Couldn’t wait til the skin one arrived to try it ."

Rebecca- 3rd March 2011




Zeo Natural Beautifying Masque

Zeo Natural Beautifying Masque

Zeolite Beautifying Detox Face Mask





Zeolite Ultra Fine Powder 1.5kg

Zeolite Ultra Fine Powder 1.5kg




Zeolite Ultra Fine Powder 2.5kg

Zeolite Ultra Fine Powder 2.5kg





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