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DMSO Nature's Healer By Dr.Morton Walker



Out of Stock

DMSO Nature's Healer By Dr.Morton Walker

Nature’s Healer

How to Use DMSO to Relieve Pain,

Increase Circulation,

Repair Tissue Damage

And fight Degenerative Diseases.




DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide - is a simple by-product of wood that has been found to be capable of relieving pain, reducing inflammation, encouraging healing and restoring normal function.

In this book, award winning health writer Dr. Morton Walker, D.P.M., in consultation with William Campbell Douglas, M.D., has brought together, in easy-to-understand language, all the up-to-date information about this highly publicized drug. It includes a compelling case for the use of DMSO in the treatment of debilitating conditions such as sports injuries, arthritis, cancer, scleroderma, interstitial cystitis, herpes and other infectious diseases, foot and leg problems, head and spinal cord injuries, Down's syndrome, mental retardation and learning disabilities. It has been called a natural "miracle" drug.

Underlining one of the most important medical studies in decades, scores of startling, fully documented case histories are used to reveal the true facts about DMSO. All the known information about this high publicized, controversial drug, dimethyl sulfoxide , is presented here. In this pioneering work, Dr. Morton Walker traces the history of DMSO. The book cites astonishing results from its near-awesome use in the healing and prevention of a host of degenerative diseases and health problems; offers supportive scientific evidence of its remarkable healing power from hundreds of grateful patients and numerous reputable physicians; and recounts the dramatic story of DMSO's long struggle for FDA approval.

The author makes no claims for the drug as a "cure-all" but he does make a powerful and compelling case for the efficacy of DMSO in the elimination or reversal of many of society's most debilitating and health-related ills.

Who is Dr.Walker?
Dr. Morton Walker is a professional medical journalist who has authored 72 published books and over 2000 clinical journal and magazine articles about wholistic medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and alternative methods of healing. Named "The World's Leading Medical Journalist Specializing in Wholistic Medicine" by the American Cancer Control Society, Dr. Walker lives and conducts his medical journalism research from Stamford, Connecticut.

Contents of this book:

  1. The Painkiller With a Problem,
  2. DMSO’s Controversial History,
  3. The Therapeutic Principle of DMSO,
  4. General Medicine Uses for DMSO
  5. The Toxicity and Side effects of DMSO,
  6. The Potent Potion for Sports Injuries,
  7. Arthritis Therapy With DMSO and Diet,
  8. Adapting DMSO for Foot & Leg Problems,
  9. Using DMSO in Head & Spinal Cord Injuries,
  10. DMSO Therapy for Mental Disabilities,
  11. The DMSO-Cancer Connection,
  12. Infectious Diseases Respond to DMSO,
  13. Misreporting of DMSO for Scleroderma & Interstitial Cystitis.

This Book contains a Directory of Physicians Worldwide Who Can Provide Information on DMSO Treatment.



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