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Horses > MSM

MSM x 9kg - AUSTRALIA ONLY - postage to be advised.




MSM x 9kg - AUSTRALIA ONLY - postage to be advised.

MSM for Horses and all other Animals 9kgs

Yes this is the exact same MSM for Humans as well.

Why just keep yourself healthy?

Horses just like any other animal or human can benefit from the use of MSM supplementation. The best place to start is the diet, for it is the main foundation of all natural health care. Scientists say that mineral deficiency subjects our animals & us to more diseases, along with aging and sickness.

MSM for horses , etc is the food supplement known and used by many horsemen and veterinarians throughout the horse and pet industry. MSM for horses and pets has helped ease a number of horse and pet ailments. 

A horse with a sore back will show a decrease in performance.  Observant owners will notice discomfort, bruising, etc in the saddle area 

Some of the benefits :

  • MSM is credited with clearing up and preventing, epiphysitis (inflammation of the growth center just above the knee) in fast young growing horses.
  • MSM relieves a variety of horse ailments and lameness problems along with reducing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation. 
  • MSM is not some magical potion, it basically clears up two things, inflammation and enhances circulation
  • MSM is present in food when it is very fresh, but it is driven out of any food by even moderate processing, including the cutting and drying of hay
  • MSM is an excellent source of sulfur for horses & all other forms of animals, birds etc

Nutritionists, veterinarians, and horse owners report excellent results from the feeding of MSM on a daily basis. MSM provides a dietary source of sulfur, an element that is important in the formation of connective tissue.  

MSM is highly respected as a great pain reliever & arthritis supplement in the equestrian world and for its many other ailment uses in all walks of life.

Veterinary interest in MSM has increased over recent years. However, MSM has been used on horses for over 20 years.

MSM is now widely acclaimed by veterinarians in the know,  and many horse people , for its contribution to equine health care & pet care in general. 

HORSES: May need  one heaped tablespoon (20 grams) twice a day for a 450/500kg  horse to ward off or manage problems. Sometimes more is required for severe cases. Dogs may need 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day depending on age & condition etc.Cats will take MSM readily in their water bowls as do birds and all other animals.You will be amazed how all animals & birds are drawn to MSM ,especially if it is placed in the water bowls.Email me for further info or go to the net & check out all the other uses for MSM yourself.MSM is also referred  to as the "Beauty Mineral" & is now becoming available in some cosmetics for it's anti-aging properties.

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