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MaJik Stain/Soaker Powder 1kg Trial Bag - Note: this is best postage costs if ordered with other products same time.




MaJik Stain/Soaker Powder 1kg Trial Bag - Note: this is best postage costs if ordered with other products same time.

MaJik Stain/Soaker Powder 1kg Trial Bag
Non-Toxic Hydrogen Peroxide Granules !  !  Fantastic Laundry Wash Booster too .

MaJik Pre-Wash Stain Remover/Soak Powder Natural & Biodegradable - Phosphate Free.
Removes Dirt & Tough Stains!

IMPORTANT: Contains an environmentally safe natural bleach. Soak in plastic or stainless steel tub only .
Remains active for 5-6 hours as a soak solution, then you can discard the used solution down the drain. Cleans & deodorizes that too.

For heavily soiled washing you can add it to the wash load prior to adding the clothes. Wash as normal.

Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate – safe for the environment & waterways.

What is Sodium Percarbonate ?
Sodium percarbonate is a bleaching agent used in various cleaning products. Also called sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (PCS) and sodium carbonate peroxide, it dissolves at low temperatures making it an effective stain removal or bleaching agent in cold water.

When dissolved in water, it releases hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. It is often used in environment-friendly agents because it breaks down into oxygen, water and natural soda and is less damaging than sodium hydroxide and sodium perborate, known causes of soil contamination.

It has even been argued that sodium percarbonate has environmental advantages due to its release of oxygen into soils and waterways - but that has yet to be proven.

Sodium percarbonate is manufactured by applying hydrogen peroxide to a solid, granular carrier - soda ash. Its main use is as a bleaching agent in laundry detergent powder products. It is also used in food processing for disinfection, but also for bleaching. Other hard surface cleaning products also use sodium percarbonate for stain removal.

# NO Animal Derivatives  # No Harmful Chemicals – For geasy stains it works best in warm to hot water



Just thought I would let you know I'm very impressed with the MaJik stain remover sample you sent me, I shall look forward to seeing it on the website .


Regards, D.G . 

31 October 2008


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