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Cats , Dogs & Small Animals > Insect & Grooming

Flea Allergy Relief Set of 2 Liquids for Topical Treatments




Flea Allergy Relief Set of 2 Liquids for Topical Treatments

Flea Allergy Relief Set of 2 Liquids (Homeopathic Formula) for SAFE Topical Treatments

# Homeopathic nosodes of the canine and feline flea relief.

# Natural immunity against flea bite allergy reactions.

# Also has a tick nosode for allergy immunity to bite.

# Natural topical herbal skin heal, scratch free relief.

Do you have a Flea infestation this summer ?

We have found the best way to stop the breeding cycle of sand or canine fleas is to sprinkle Borax powder (from supermarket) on pets beds, carpets and mats, then Vacuum inside same day.

Also work on any sand fleas that maybe an issue coming from outside in sandy areas. Lightly spray with hose to dampen the sand or garden then sprinkle with Borax Powder.  This powder is perfectly safe to use. . Will stop flea cycle of eggs and fleas jumping off and on your pet's. Use in conjunction with a flea comb.

AVOID any type of chemical treatments - highly toxic insecticide poison bomb or sprays.

Set of 2
1.   Flea Relief - 30ml
Contains hampl's custom blend of  homeopathics of: feline flea nosode, canine flea nosode, dust mite nosode, tick nosode combo 6X, 30C

Which builds the immunity against having a allergy reaction to the bite.
EASY HOMEOPATHIC ANIMAL APPLICATION:    "one dose"  is applying (clear liquid) of 3 to 4 drops onto body (not orally).  If formula is in pill form put 1 to 2 pills in pouch of mouth to dissolve and sit in mouth as one dose. (More suitable for larger pets) .  Once condition has improved, can stop or if pet has a chronic condition continue with casual dosing, can stir in a dose to filtered water bowl, every time you change it a few times a week.  Alternatively add a dose to daily meals.
Refer to:  Bottle label of the formula for recommended "frequencies" of repeated doses daily.

2.   Scratch Relief - 30ml
Herbal liquid extract: calendula, hypericum, chickweed, with bach flowers rescue remedy.

TOPICAL skin anti-itch heal rinse, Heals red inflamed and itchy skin. Must dilute before using.
Our herbal skin formula must be diluted before applying to skin.  For example:  Mix approximately—30 drops with (no more than one)  (1) teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and add approx. 200ml (8floz) of water. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray on affected areas as often as required during the day for relief.    Fine if pet licks the herbal skin rinse.


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