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Colloidal Products > Colloidal Minerals

Citramin *Organic Colloidal*Mineral Supplement 500ml




Citramin *Organic Colloidal*Mineral Supplement 500ml

Citramin *Organic Colloidal* Mineral Supplement 500ml - discount on 3 or 6 bottle buy, see below.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal minerals ?

Colloidal minerals are a safe, effective way to get much needed minerals in the diet. With much of society coping with the effects of fatigue, stress and a hectic lifestyle, minerals are often the forgotten component of good health. Although many people take vitamins pills, few give thought to their mineral requirements and the importance of obtaining these on an everyday basis.

Minerals are essentials to many basic biochemical reactions that occur in the body. Even the fundamental production of energy is mineral dependent. Zinc, magnesium and manganese are essential to energy production in the body. These nutrients form part of the Krebs cycle, an energy cycle which occurs in the mitochondria of our cells. Therefore, if these minerals are in low supply, glucose cannot be efficiently converted into energy (or more precisely ATP which is like a packet of energy.) A deficiency of such minerals can also leave one tired and lethargic. In addition, one may gain weight more easily as they fail to burn carbohydrates efficiently. Colloidal minerals in particular provide many trace minerals such as chromium and vanadium which are also known to be important in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Hence a good intake of minerals plays an important role in maintaining good energy levels.

The benefit of colloidal minerals is they are delivered as very small particles. This means that they form a suspension in water and are so small that they easily absorb across the stomach for use in the body. This is in contrast to general mineral supplements which are supplied as compounds and can be difficult to absorb.

Colloidal minerals which are sourced from the remains of ancient forests provide a particularly broad spectrum of essential and trace minerals. Many of these minerals would be difficult to obtain in the average western diet, partly due poor dietary habits and partly due to the fact that many Australian soils are now mineral deficient after many years of intensive farming practise has left them depleted.

Citramin is an organic colloidal mineral supplement containing a blend of sea minerals and Moorlife minerals. Moorlife minerals are sourced from the Neydharting moor in Austria formed from an ancient forest. The blend of these two sources of colloidal minerals ensures that all the elements of nature are naturally present. A daily intake of Citramin supports wellbeing and helps provide a buffer from the ravages of every day stress and fatigue.

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