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Animal / Horse Herbs

Vervain Herb Cut 1kg -100% PURE - Human Grade with no additives




Vervain Herb Cut 1kg -100% PURE - Human Grade with no additives

Vervain Herb Cut 1kg -100% PURE - Human Grade with no additives

Vervain has tonic nerve restoring qualities which, combined with its ability to improve liver and digestive function, makes it well-suited to horses that are convalescing from chronic illness.  As a nervine relaxant and antispasmodic it can assist horses that are tense and sensitive by relaxing the gut, peripheral nerves and muscles. Used both internally as a feed herb and externally as a poultice.

Vervain – the typical “Thoroughbred” type who prefers jogging rather than walking, tossing the head, sweating up, spooking at the slightest rustle in the grass and are constantly “on their nerves”. They are most likely to spook at the same object every time you pass it on a hack, no matter how many times they’ve already seen it. A “Vervain” type horse is said to process its nerves through the skin, and often have a twitchy and ticklish skin that is also sensitive to insect bites or other allergens. They respond well to creative and varied exercises in their schooling, which helps to keep their mind sufficiently busy that they forget about fretting! Trying to drill an exercise into a Vervain horse by repeating it over and over again, will normally backfire. A Vervain type horse thrives with a calm and creative rider who won’t get annoyed with all the constant fussing. Ref:

VERVAIN is antispasmodic, nervine, tonic, hepatic (supporting and stimulating the liver), galactogogue, diaphoretic (promotes sweating), sedative/relaxant.

WARNING : Do not administer to pregnant mares


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