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MSM for People & Pets

MSM Information




MSM Information

MSM Biological Sulphur (Methylsulfonylmethane)

For skin MSM is called nature's "beauty mineral," because it keeps the skin smooth and youthful, and the hair glossy. Sulphur is necessary for production of collagen and keratin, protein necessary for health and maintenance of skin, nails and hair .

Several experiments have shown, that all kinds of dermatological disorders which are often allergy-related, respond favourably to a diet supplemented by MSM.

Oral dosages of MSM have shown to be effective against Acne Rosaceas and dry, scaly or itching skin and MUCH more.

When used topically in the form of an ointment or lotion, MSM is helpful in treating skin disorders including acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, scabies, nappy rash and certain fungal infections .

Scars resulting from operations and from burns also respond well to topical application. New scars can heal so perfectly, that they are almost invisible old scars, too, can improve markedly.

Sulphur (MSM) a basic essential nutrient is needed now more than ever before

Methylsulfonylmethane is a relatively unknown dietary supplemental form of sulphur that is found in our living tissues.

MSM supports healthy connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscle. This makes it important in conditions such as arthritis, muscle pains, bursitis, etc.

MSM should be considered an integral part of any health care practice because of its physiological action, indirect importance, and current / future uses. Sulphur has an indirect importance, because sulphur compounds play a role in many body organs and systems. Sulphur is in the hair, skin, and nails.

Many amino acids, the building blocks of protein, have sulphur as a component.

  • Taurine is a sulphur-containing amino acid formed from methionine. Taurine stabilizes cell membranes.
  • Methionine contains sulphur, detoxifies cells, and is involved in pain relief.
  • Carnitine comes from methionine and transports long chain fatty acids preventing accumulations of lipoproteins.
  • Many B-complex vitamins interact with or contain sulphur.

Sulphur is needed for insulin production. One researcher claims MSM is as safe as water. One should drink extra water with MSM use. Preferably filtered water.

One of the most important raw materials for building healthy new cells is a form of organic sulphur known as methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM). This element is so essential to life that it is found in every cell of every plant and every animal. Sulphur makes up 0.25% of human body weight. However neither plants nor animals can use elemental sulphur directly. Sulphur is not easily available to living organisms in its inorganic form. MSM is not a medicine, a drug, or a food additive. It is a food. MSM is an organic form of sulphur that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Since sulphur is a component of all cells, it is essential that the body have a plentiful supply of this mineral in its usable form. There is a positive synergistic effect on building healthier cells when MSM is taken in combination with vitamin C. The new cells are more pliable and permeable, allowing fluids to pass through the tissue more easily. Internally this means more efficient elimination of toxins, a reduction in inflammation and pain - so you feel better. On the outside it shows up as a softer, smoother complexion, stronger hair and nails - so you look better.

MSM is responsible for the flexible disulfide bonds between cells, including those that make up the skin. It blocks undesirable chemical and physical cross-linking or bonding of collagen which is associated with tough, aging skin. Consequently MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages repair of damaged skin. If there is insufficient sulphur in the body when new cells are being manufactured, the new cells will be rigid. This rigidity can contribute to cracking, wrinkling and unsightly scar tissue. When sufficient sulphur is present for new cells, the skin is softer, smoother and more flexible. MSM provides that sulphur. Acne, including the severe acne rosacea, responds favourably to MSM supplements. Adequate sulphur and vitamin C are also needed for healing. When the body is deficient in these nutrients, the new tissue will be elevated leaving an unattractive, raised scar. Because MSM makes the skin more permeable and pliant, it can also help prevent blistering and promote faster healing from sunburn or wind damage. With MSM supplements, nails show not only an increase in growth rate, but also increased toughness and resistance to chipping and cracking. This effect has been seen both in human nails and horses hoofs, Allergens, Toxins and Parasites.

Flexible, permeable cells are also important in that they allow toxins, allergens and foreign substances to be flushed out of the body more easily . When skin cells are soft and permeable, many toxins can be eliminated through the sweat glands, which takes some of the load off the liver and kidneys. While MSM is not a cure for allergies, supplementation may reduce symptoms by allowing allergens to be removed from the body more quickly. Even reactions to insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak are less severe when the diet is supplemented with MSM. Vitamin C is also synergistic in this application in that it can lower histamine levels. MSM has also shown amazing anti-parasitic action against Giardia, Trichomonas, roundworms, nematodes, Enterobius and other intestinal worms. When parasites attach themselves to the intestinal lining, they can live, reproduce and rob the body of nutrients indefinitely. MSM blocks parasites by competing for receptor sites on the mucous membrane. When parasites can not attach themselves, they are simply flushed out of the system.

The same is true with food allergens. MSM coats mucosal surfaces and occupies the binding sites that could otherwise be used by challenging food allergens. It can also bind with offending agents to produce harmless substances which are then excreted from the body. This facilitates normal digestion and assimilation and allows the body to get maximum nutritional value from foods that would otherwise cause a reaction. Individuals who experience an allergic response to certain foods have reported improved or complete tolerance to those foods when they take MSM supplements. Healthy flexible colon tissues along with improved digestion, can also relieve constipation.

Diabetes.: Sulphur is also a component of insulin, the hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and insufficient sulphur may result in decreased insulin production. It is also possible that a lack of bio-available sulphur would make the cells so rigid and impermeable that they become unable to absorb sugar from the blood efficiently, leaving blood sugar levels elevated. Studies indicate that regular MSM supplements which cause the cell to become permeable, could help balance blood sugar and allow the overworked pancreas to return to normal.

Usage and Toxicity:

Due to its positive effects, particularly in maintaining healthy cell formation, 2,000 to 6,000 mg. of supplemental MSM daily is recommended. Of course, the optimum daily dosage of MSM depends largely on body size, age and the nature and severity of any deficiency symptoms you may be experiencing. Since vitamin C provides a positive synergistic it should be taken along with MSM. Sodium Ascorbate or Calcium Ascorbate is recommended , as it is gentler on the stomach.

MSM ranks in the "extremely low" toxicity category with a toxicity profile similar to that of water. When oral supplements are taken, the body will distribute MSM where it is needed. After about 12 hours, any excess amounts will be flushed out of the body. MSM, a member of the sulphur family, should never be confused with sulpha drugs to which some people are allergic.............  

Some Caution ! There are other dietary factors to consider ; people with kidney problems or recurrent kidney stones may not want to take MSM. Certain renal tubular defects can make a person susceptible to recurrent kidney stones. Other kidney defects include errors of metabolism in which processing of sulphur amino acids is altered . Such persons may wish to avoid MSM.

What some of my customers say about MSM :

MSM & MSM Day Cream

My husband and I have been using MSM now for 4 weeks. My husband has always worked manual jobs, his latest, a removalist, suffering from extremely sore elbow joints, knee and back pain, since using MSM 2 times daily, he has noticed a dramatic decrease of pain in his joints, and he has stated a marked improvement on his memory and alertness, to the point of not feeling exhausted constantly. (He now might remember where he last put his keys)!!!!!.

After a severe work accident 3 years ago, I too have been taking MSM 2 times daily and although not as a dramatic improvement as my husbands, I now can do gardening for up to 10 minutes at a time without being crippled in pain. Once I would sit in my chair and watch my husband do everything I missed doing myself, I am slowly beginning to do the things I missed so bad, working as a team with my hubby. The MSM may take a little longer to recover my bones and ligaments, but so far I am so impressed with how I am reacting to MSM.

Being on Morphine etc for pain, it has caused the skin on my face to breakout with red veins. These are slowly receding. My doctor has confirmed the veins on my face are caused from the drugs used but commented recently that they seem to be getting smaller. I use the MSM cream every night on my face and hands and I can see an improvement. I’m very relieved; these veins made me look like an alcoholic & old. I am neither.

We both will continue with MSM,  we fully recommend these products.

Kind Regards,
Lisa & Matt Murphy , Toogoom, Hervey Bay
16th November,2007. 


Hi Rayelene,

I was diagnosed with COPD (emphysema) chest X Ray last January 2005, I have been taking 4 mgs. of MSM twice a day ever since, 3 weeks ago 1st November 2005 I had another chest X Ray and to my amazement my lungs showed NO signs of COPD, I really contribute this to taking my daily dose of MSM, thank you Rayelene for introducing me to this wonderful supplement. Also, my Blue Heeler Zac was diagnosed with Toxoplasma one month ago my vet told me he had gone completely blind (which I knew ) I was giving him approx 2mg of MSM in his food every day but after this tragedy I immediately increases his dose to 4mgs twice a day, yesterday I took him back to the vets for a check up and to my and my vets amazement we discovered that he had some improvement in his sight, his eyes were now responding to light.  Quote from an internet sight:     MSM softens leathery eye membranes, allowing nutrients to penetrate. It removes waste particle build-up (Cataracts) and inside eye pressure (Glaucoma ), improves vision , muscle tone, red spots, damaged blood vessels, and removes floaters.

I cannot praise the benefits of MSM enough.

Richard .Pinjarra  WA. 24/11/05


Dear Rayelene,

Thank you yes I did get the MSM Powder , I can't believe the difference I feel . I started the powder on the Saturday night like you said to do what I did was to take 1 level teaspoon in orange juice I squeezed , now I know it says 1/2 a teaspoon but what I thought was just to start it of if I take 1 teaspoon it will jolt the body and get it started , now I take 1/2 a teaspoon twice a day in either fresh squeezed orange or lemon and I can honestly tell you I can feel the difference , I know this powder isn't a cure and I will always have the arthritis I was diagnosed when I was 5yrs with it but all I am looking for is a little bit of relief from the constant pain. I have given it to my little dog twice a day and I can't believe it she went for a walk with me today around the house where as she could only lay in her bean bag before . Tricky is 16yrs old .

I am 60 yrs old and have suffered chronic pain in my body all these years . I have taken every type of medication known and nothing has given me any relief , that is till now and I find by taking the MSM powder 3 times a day the pain never goes away but it is bearable .

Patricia .Kendenup WA. 12/11/2005  

MSM Fact Sheet (Humans)

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