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Bush Flower Essences

Break The Habit - Set of 2




Break The Habit - Set of 2

Break The Habit - Set of 2 x 30ml Essences

Formula #1 - used for 10 -14 days 1stly -  Re-setting the energy field ,releasing & clearing emotional waste , residual byproducts,to help clear built-up emotional baggage. Feeling Spring Cleaned !

Formula #2 used for 10 -14 days after completion of 1st Formula -  

Positive outcomes one may expect after completion, 4-6 weeks for many people. Some people may need to do a second or 3rd course , especially if this is a very long term habit .

These Essences are made with Colloidal Silver as preservative in Energised spring water + the following Australian Bush Flowers.

Bauhinia -

  1. Embrace changes & new concepts,
  2. Flexibility,
  3. Adaptability.

Boab -

  1. To clear negative patterns
  2. Release deep held negative emotions
  3. Encouraging positive personal growth.

Boronia -

  1. Release obsessive thoughts,
  2. Help to focus,
  3. Mental calmness & serenity.

Bottlebrush -

  1. To let go,
  2. Cope with changes
  3. Brushing out the past.

Bush Iris-

  1. Clearing blocks in the base chakra.

Dagger Hakea -

  1. Opens expression,
  2. Liver cleansing,
  3. Lessen resentments.
  4. Clearing anger.

Dog Rose -

  1. Confidence
  2. Self belief
  3. Courage
  4. Ability to embrace life more fully

Dog Rose of Wild Forces -

  1. Calms & centres in times of turmoil,
  2. Remove old memories,
  3. Addictions or fear of losing control.

Monga Warratah -

  1. To strengthen one's will,
  2. Help find inner strength,
  3. Empowerment,
  4. Moving on.

Wedding Bush -

  1. Committment,
  2. Helps to complete a task,
  3. Dedication.

Wild Potao Bush -

  • Releasing of heavy metals from the tissues in the body
  • Helping to mobilise chemical toxins & poisons 
  • Freedom
  • Renews enthusiasm & vitality.


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