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Zeolite > TMAZ Powder

TMAZ Activated Zeolite Powder 200g



Out of Stock

TMAZ Activated Zeolite Powder 200g

ZeoOne aka NatraMin – Tribo-mechanically Activated Zeolite Powder
200g container gives approx 40-50 daily serves for regular use.

ZeoOne TMAZ Powder is a natural crystalline mineral created by Mother Gaia called Zeolite (Clinoptilolite).  Formed many millions of years ago, from volcanic rock and ash meeting with water to form a unique mico-porous alumino-silicate crystal with an open cage “honey-comb” structure with a strong negative charge.

Zeolite has been known to safely remove heavy metals and nasty things like DDT, dioxins, PCB’s, pesticides, herbicides, radio-active particles and some viral particles from the body in a process known as cation exchange.  We then run Zeolite through our Tribo-mechanically Activated Micronising machine (TMAZ) to produce a uniform particle size and shape with a significantly increase surface area, this process is the next level in Zeolite technology.

Zeolite has been well studied in a very broad spectrum of applications.  ZeoOne TMAZ powder has many functions and benefits for human health.  It acts as a immuno-modulator, helps buffer the bodies pH to a more alkaline (7.2pH) state for optimal immune function, has a strong antioxidant capacity by trapping free-radical molecules, and great for you hair, skin and nails.  Gives your body a helping hand at removing the nasties we are faced with every day, restore the balance and start living!

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