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Colloidal Products

Colloidal Silver Gel  60ml  Glass Jar




Colloidal Silver Gel 60ml Glass Jar

Colloidal Silver Gel  
99.99% Pure Silver (+ trace minerals)suspension in Non-Toxic GEL 60ml Jar
Suggested Uses :
Use Colloidal Silver Gel to soothe all skin irritations .
As Colloidal Silver is considered as a natural anti-bacterial it may be used for most applications . Our Colloidal Silver Gel is completely non-toxic & non-irritating to even the most delicate skin.Try it on absolutely anything !
Colloidal Silver Gel stays on the skin for a much longer time than Colloidal Silver liquid and is therefore more effective for this purpose I have found. It is transparent, completely odourless and does not stain.
As Colloidal Silver gel is light sensitive, it is supplied in a brown glass jar.
If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email me direct.


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