Due to ongoing price increases by Australia Post we have been trying to keep providing our bulk products to you without having to constantly increase your postage, however AP. gives the "big boys" special rates & us, the "little people", pay much bigger prices, even tho we do subsidies where we can. If for example, with packing it goes over 1tiny g it will be charged the next postage cost by Australia Post, no exceptions or allowances for scale variations.

With the advent of Australia Post putting scanning equipment into place & making every parcel needing to be exact, 1 gram over in weight is charged at the next weight scale.  

There may be others to be changed as we go along & see how the sizes fit into the more strict requirements, however it will only be necessary should the weight with packing becomes an issue. At all times we try to give the best $ value in postage/product weights.

Delivery, Postage and Your Privacy.

For Australia: Delivery for local areas in WA close to us are mostly by ordinary post and can take 2-10 days depending on your location. All Northwest and other States, postage will be by Express where possible (providing parcel doesn't go over 5kg) which can take 2-6 working days, once again dependent on your location. All deliveries do not require a signature, unless requested you. If there is no one to accept the delivery, the package may be taken to the nearest post office in some cases.

Orders will be dispatched from Nikita Naturals Australia as soon as payment has been transacted, normally next business day after payment, if possible. However, due to an increase in orders over past months, there may be a few extra days delay before your order is posted as we can only get so many orders out in a day.

Please note that if there are supply issues, this may delay your order. If there are unreasonable delays you will be contacted by phone or by e-mail

INTERNATIONAL: Orders are available for some items on our site, please check with us 1st, if you are not sure. *DO NOT SEND MONEY ORDERS OR CHEQUES FOR PAYMENT. *

All International orders are dispatched soon as possible, refer domestic posting times above. Shipping costs will be corrected at time of processing your order should the shopping cart be in error, as sometimes is the case.  

International & Domestic orders: We make every effort to achieve delivery of your orders on time & in good order, however Nikita Naturals Australia is not responsible for actions beyond our control, that includes items seized by your customs in your home country. If you are unsure, please check with your customs people before confirming and making payment for your order.

Domestic deliveries: If you haven't received your parcel within 2-3 weeks without notification of a delay, then please contact us promptly. If too long a delay before advising us, we may not be able to track or locate your parcel. In that case it will be deemed lost or stolen, we will not accept any responsibility for any losses or missing parcels that are not reported to us in a reasonable (3-4weeks) time frame.

Your Privacy is very important.

The information you provide to us over the internet is strictly for our use only. Your details are not sold or exchanged with any other company. Unless you request mailings from us re specials, new products, etc., we will not contact you further.