I have been using this product for some time. I give it to my dogs and I also take it myself. It has prolonged the life, health and mobility of my dogs in a way that I would not have believed.

Wendy, South Australia 06-04-2018




This is the second lot of MSM I ordered....1 KG.... a great product. FINALLY convinced my wife to try MSM. After three month her nails and hair are stronger, she has now better health etc. She is absolutely delighted!. Thank you for supplying a clean no filler product. Kind greetings,  Ton. 28-12-16



I have received my first delivery of 4.8kg MSM from you and I want to thank you for the super fast delivery of my order which arrived safely today.

I forgot to ask you for your info on MSM - could you please either email or post it to me.
I have been using it for myself and also my dog a while and would like to find out what your info says so that I have more knowledge of this amazing product.

I recently had neurosurgery (3 discs, cervical spine) I have lower back disc issues and also arthritis as well as other issues and my dog who is 10 1/2 and walks and swims every day has arthritis and we have both responded really well to the MSM and I have highly recommended it to my friends.

Many thanks again,
Kind regards

Irene Zielinski




Thank you for your reply! It would be great if you can get Australian moringa.. At least then it shouldn't be irradiated! Darn customs! I ordered some msm today, I'm so happy you stock the distilled variety, I'd been looking everywhere for it! I do find it seems to give me more energy than the other variety.

I love your online shop, well done on providing such a great service.

😊 Thanks again!

Mia. 26/01/2016



Hi Rayelene,

Just a quick email to say a belated 'thank you' for my latest shipment of MSM. I cannot recommend it too highly to anybody suffering as I do from really painful arthritis. Since I began using MSM, the pain in both my legs has gone from being frequently excruciating to almost unnoticeable. All I do is put three teaspoons of it into a cup of tea in the morning and that makes the pain manageable all day. As with a lot of homeopathic-type treatments, it took a while for the change to take effect, but persevering with it has paid off remarkably. I am 74 now and intend to keep using MSM for the rest of my life. Please feel free to use this testimonial if you want to.

With best wishes,

James Davidson. Mon 2/11/2015

PS: Not my recommendation to put it into a cup of tea:-) But what works for James may work for someone else. Thank you James !


Hi Rayelene,

Thankyou for the information on MSM and yes, I am very happy for you to put my referral for MSM on your website.

I am extremely happy with using NNAU online for the first time - everything about the order process was very easy and my parcel arrived safely in Tasmania in just a few days. 

Received my first delivery of 4.8kg MSM from you and I want to thank you for the super fast delivery of my order .

I recently had neurosurgery (3 discs, cervical spine) I have lower back disc issues and also arthritis as well as other issues and my dog who is 10 1/2 and walks and swims every day has arthritis and we have both responded really well to the MSM and I have highly recommended it to my friends.

Many thanks again,
Kind regards

I. Z. Tsmania - Fri, Jun 5, 2015 


Assorted products.


Zeolite & MSM For Horses & People


Desert Dreamer.


Desi is a 16 year old chestnut thoroughbred gelding that had a very successful race career and an even better show career which saw him qualify for the National Show Horse Championships 3 times and win just about everything going in WA.

Des came to me from Perth in January this year.  After being here for about eight weeks Des went lame over night and lost all the weight that he had gained since he had been here.  I had everyone under the sun look at the horse, farrier, vet, massage, acupuncture and bowen practitioner. It was when I had the bowen practitioner she suggested I ring Raylene at Nikita Naturals.  We started him on the MSM and Zeolite straight away and I saw a small improvement but then he continued to decline.  After 9 weeks of my horse becoming lamer and lamer I decided to send him to Perth as there were no other professionals in the area that could help him.  I placed him on the truck to Perth on the Wednesday night convinced that my horse would not be coming home.


On the Friday we started at the bottom and immediately found the problem, no hoof, no horse! The farrier that had been shoeing him and assuring me that his feet were fine and NOT the issue, had given him severe compressed corns in his front feet in an effort to stop him pulling shoes.  This in turn due to the way he had been walking had affected all his joints from his fetlocks to his shoulders and had actually changed the muscles in his chest.  This is a severe injury for an aged raced horse to sustain. Through his rehabilitation, Des stayed on the MSM.  It took 5 weeks for him to be able to walk properly again and lots of body work and expense.  It was then time for Des to come home and he was to be clipped before he left Perth, he flipped himself over backwards and broke his tail, a longer stay in Perth.  When Des finally came home it was in the middle of winter and freezing cold and wet, his poor damaged arthritic old joints couldn’t handle the cold and he again went lame.  It was at this time that I again placed him on the zeolite and doubled his MSM, he was also on Chia and glucosamine.  He came good and I started to work him. 


At my first rally in August we jumped and he stayed sound, so we kept going, we have continued on our merry way and he is now galloping round the paddock like a 6 year old not 16 year old, his coat is magnificent and he looks amazing and my favourite comment on him so far is, “ He is so amazingly educated and well behaved for a 6 year old thoroughbred (they read his brands!). I smiled, said thank you and rode off ecstatic to get a comment like this after everything the poor old boy had been through.


With the use of Raylene’s products along with magnetic therapies I now have a very sound happy horse that I can envisage being with me for a few more years to come as  a trusted companion.


There were underlying issues with this horse and I feel a great deal of guilt over what he went through as it was no fault of his own, but of a person I trusted to assist me in his care, however in saying that, I actually think that he is in a much better place now than he would have been if this never happened.  I believe that the MSM and the zeolite have a made a huge difference,  not only to Des but also our 19 year old Welsh Pony Bonnie that was also having arthritis issues.


I have also started taking MSM myself and have noticed a huge difference in the way I am feeling in a short period of time.


Raylene and Colin are both extremely helpful and wonderful to deal with I cant recommend their services highly enough.  Taryn Bristow - Albany WA 26-10-11




Subject: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey there,


I am working from home today... So I wanted to email you...


You know I love the hair stuff so I will move on... But I just have to say, I have woken up today and if feels amazing! Nice and thick and silky, not oily - Just healthy!!! First time I have ever used natural hair products and they dont dry out my hair... Bloody love the smell of it too...


I had the ginger stuff last night and this morning and already I have had a very satisfying elimination(for want of a better word)... Too much info, sorry - but my gut has always been my biggest issue, so if this can help.. Then I am a fan!


Probiotic - what can I say I am in love!


Face cream - woke up with my face feeling fresh - not heavy... and this stuff is natural - WELL I'LL BE DAMNED!


Pillows - Soooooo comfy, woke up feeling rested and not stiff in my neck...


So all in all - once again you have outdone yourself... I love dealing with you, I love your products, I love you are passionate more so than anything about good products, I love you are honest and I love the picture I get when I think about you down there with Colin, making all this happen... You guys are amazing!!


So I will be putting another order in soon - A SOON AS YOU CAN HOOK ME UP WITH THE SHAMPS AND COND... :-)


Amber ,- 24 March 2011




MSM for People , Horses & Pets


Hi Rayelene....


I've just placed another order for MSM and paid via PayPal.


Just thought I'd let you know that hubby thinks his breathing has improved - can't believe he admitted to that one!! Proof will be when he sees the specialist!  Will keep you informed on that one.


Also, and this is really big old grey mare has had a huge lump on the side of her neck for the past couple of years - we're not sure how she got it, or what it is - it was just suddenly there one day and probably the result of her whacking it against a tree or something.  It has slowly grown to the point where I thought it would start affecting her throat....but guess's shrunk to about half the size since she's been on MSM!!!!!!!!


She also has polyps on her rear end (a common thing in grey's I believe), and a case of greasy heel that we have never been able to get rid of. So I thought hey if it works on the inside, lets try it on the outside.  I mixed MSM with Paw Paw cream, have rubbed it on her foot and butt for the past couple of weeks....the greasy heel has just about gone, and the polyps are slowly decreasing in size!!!


Our two boys in work have improved too, one ran a fourth last Sunday, big improvement from 2nd last the start before.  He was stone motherless until 200 from home, then took off. Our little grey boy who had the liver enzyme problem has improved beyond belief - we just need a jockey to ride him properly now!  He races this Sunday...will let you know how we go!

Have an awesome day


Gill - Fri 4/02/2011 





Zeolite for Animals


Hi Rayelene
I’m thinking of putting us on the zeolite and I was just wondering which one is the best option?  What is the difference between the powder and the liquid as in taking it?  I’m just not sure how I'd go trying to eat the powder somehow lol.  

We have had excellent results with Bella on this!  She ran a super race 2 starts ago and I actually had ran out of zeolite so she didn’t have any for approx the next 2 weeks in between runs and you wouldn’t believe it her next start she ran 3rd but very ordinary for her!  Scratching our heads , I said to Rodney what’s the only thing we changed with her going into her race 2 starts ago,........which we had added the zeolite. 

What was the only thing that was different to her last start ?.......which was ,she had had no zeolite for 2 weeks!!  

My guess was she tied up, so 4 days later we decided to do a blood and guess what......she tied up!!!!  Her levels were probably double what they should, so as you could imagine the race 4 days prior, her levels must have been real high, so no wonder the poor bugger couldn’t go. 

We have her back on it now and Rodney reckons in just 2 days he has noticed her looser in her movement.  She has always been an awkward proppy thing when she’s on the lead jogging, and I said to him about 3 weeks ago, that is the best I have ever seen her walk out onto the track and trot off.  She’s definitely not so scratchy in behind, and even YES! her mood was slightly better too. 

That another thing that I noticed between the 2 races was her mood.  She was fine at Ballarat ,and then the 2 weeks later she was as cranky as hell ,god love her.  Anyway I'll stop dribbling hope you’re well and Happy Holidaying!!
Regards Jo


10th September 2010


Hi Rayelene

I am happy with the Zeolite , it is better than xxxxxxx  I reckon . I am giving it to my stallion that I can't feed up as he gets too highpo , it seems to have put weight on him , but he doesn’t need that all the same.


My filly that hurt her leg is also on it. Her leg is coming along very nice am doing it with proud aid now but maybe who knows, the zeolite could be helping from the inside and working it way out .I seem to think it is , as I have seen this type of injury before and it takes months to heal. This has been 3 months now and I am so happy the way it is going , will attach pic of filly's leg 8 weeks after it happened.


I have 2 mare's to foal in 4 weeks, they have not been fed as I have people telling me they are too fat , I know they are , but what can you do? I have two paddocks , I am bring them over today to keep an eye on them ,so I will be feeding them a little and trying them on zeolite .I think that will be interesting to see how they go. As the product says it doesn’t cost much in the long run and you don't have to give them much . I think if I was to feed all my horses on it it would say me $$$$$ . I will be putting all my show prep babies on it, would love to put all my horses on it, but am making a big move at the moment shifting to xxxxxxxx .Not looking forward to moving 8 horses, 80 cows and calfs,2 dogs, chooks,etc. and a 4 bedroom house lol. but it should be good once settled in the new home.


Cheers Shirley


PS  Yes I really think you have found a top of range product.

21st August, 2010


Magnesium Chloride


A month or so ago I purchased a bag of magnesium chloride food grade powder from Rayelene at Nikita Naturals to make my own magnesium chloride spray (magnesium oil).  Not long before this purchase a client mentioned to me that she had been recommended magnesium oil spray as an avenue to quickly relieve her muscle tension by her osteopath.  Till that moment I'd never heard of magnesium oil.  As a long term user of magnesium supplements (and still do) to alleviate muscle cramps, migraine frequency and improve memory but still experiencing significant muscle tension in my neck and arms, I was curious to learn more about this spray on magnesium.  So I googled magnesium oil and after much reading and price comparing decided to purchase the food grade powder form, being the most cost effective, from Nikita Naturals to make my own spray.  While internet searching I came across the recipe to turn the powder into liquid to spray it on.


A day after I placed my order the powder arrived and to my delighted surprise, a recipe to turn the powder into the spray on oil was included.   With the quick delivery and now the thoughtful gift of including the recipe, I felt so glad I'd bought the product from Rayelene.


It has been about a month since I bought the product and I've been spraying it onto my neck and arms twice every day - am and pm.  Each time I do, I get the same response.  An immediate refreshed feeling and soon after the muscle aching stops.  The tension in my neck muscles diminish to a comfortable level and the swelling throughout my right forearm diminishes.  Magnesium is a mineral the body continuously uses for many functions so I understand that as soon as my body's level of magnesium is low the symptoms of muscle tension return.  Another spray and the tension goes again for sometimes few hours if I'm stressed to 24 plus hours if I'm not. 


My osteopath and I have noticed that since using the spray, my neck muscles are now not only responding to his efforts to diminish the congestion and tension in them but do so quickly and realigning my neck bones is now much easier.  Until the daily spray, and this goes back years, he considered a session with my body his gym workout.  As a masseuse myself I utterly understood why he felt this way.  The sweat pouring off him as he tried and tried to reduce the muscle tension and manipulate the bones to a healthier alignment.  I'm the equivalent of working on a hard rubber tyre.  Now after a few minutes of massaging my neck muscles the congestion and tension diminishes and far better cervical realignments occur.  As a result, I'm no longer unconsciously digging my fingers into my neck and arm muscles regularly to try and relieve the tension in them.  I'm now able to turn my head much further than before.  And I use the spray on my clients bodies to alleviate their muscle tension quickly.


Thank you Rayelene for providing the opportunity to purchase such a beneficial product at a more affordable price, for your efforts to ensure we, your customers, receive our order quickly, your prompt responses to my emails and for the added thoughtful act of including the recipe to make the spray ourselves.


In appreciation,


Sandra Arundale,

Kings Langley, Sydney - 7th July,2010



Hyaluronic Acid


Hi Rayelene,
I have been taking a quite large amount of Hyaluronic Acid ( about 150ml  each time) & there has been a notable improvement particularly in my recovery time after completing a chore, I hope to be able to reduce this amount by the time I have completed the second pack.

Cheers Gail



Assorted products

Dear Nikita Naturals,

For 5 years I suffered severe pain from osteoarthritis. The cartilage in shoulders, lower back, ankles, all joints in feet, destroyed. Took masses of morphine and codeine based medications. Had to give up desk work in January 2010, albeit my age was 73. I looked great , just in pain day and night. Scale of 1-10 , about 7-8 every day , while still taking all the medications, steroid injections, etc.

Started taking Hyaluronic Acid, using Magnesium Oil, Probiotic, Ionyte Trace Minerals, from Nikita Naturals. Only on them for 3 months , my pain levels daily , on a scale of 2-3 and getting better every day. My life is now worth living.

I recommend this to anyone looking for relief , renewal and a new life.

Dr. Anna Chappell Phd. NSW

Thursday 10th June, 2010.

MSM Skincare

Hey Rayelene,
I just want to say the last scrub and face cleanser are the BEST I have ever used. My skin has never looked this great and I am getting lots of comments... Its the first time I haven't had pimples around my chin, so I think with everything combined... I have finally found a regime that works for me....
Thanks so much... And dont stop stocking it!!! ha-ha
WA - Wed 10/03/2010

Magnesium Chloride

You will be pleased to know , I got Dad to start taking Magnesium oil and it has dropped his blood sugar levels to almost half of what they were and hopefully it will help his skin cancers too as there was a section on cancer as well – let’s hope so. 

Love,  Ros
WA - Wednesday, 2 September 2009 


I have been using Nikita Naturals products for over a year, particularly MSM in the treatment of a ligament injury in my horse. A combination of rehabilitative exercise and daily MSM has resulted in my mare recovering from her injury and happily she is now back eventing.

Rayelene's knowledge of her products is amazing and her service is professional and prompt.
All great for us! We're off to our first ODE this weekend in 11 months.....
Take care and best wishes, Amber

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


DMSO + Aloe Vera Gel


Thought I would touch base and let you know that I am very pleased with the DMSO gel that you sent over to me. Outbreaks have been few and when I feel it coming on the gel has stopped it in its tracks with no sore appearing..I have mentioned  it to a few other sufferers and told them that it is working for me so far..So a big thank you goes out to you I am so grateful that I do not have to deal with bad outbreaks and it seems to be coming under control.
Until next time take care.

Kind regards and lots of gratitude,

Trace x
QLD. Tuesday, 15 July 2008