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Bot Fly Relief 30ml (homeopathic)

Bot Fly Relief 30ml (homeopathic)

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Bot Fly Relief for Horses 30ml Non Drug Prescription

  • Assist in immunity to bites
  • Less bites and egg laying
  • More calmer animal
  • Natural and safe
  • A natural formula that works on allergy or infection bot fly bite reactions.

Prevention of infection anywhere on body as well as bot fly intestinal larvae worm. Equine’s in particular will benefit from this formula. 

How to Use :

Bot Fly season:   Add a dose to water trough (stir in well) for all to share (repeat once weekly) when Bot fly’s are an issue. Non toxic and does not kill flys or any other insect. Fine for all species to drink from same water trough.

Times of irritations or infections.  Give a dose orally three times daily for 5 days, or topically on the shoulder. Directly onto shoulder of the animals is also helpful as a possible prevention of retention of the bot eggs internally. (Note: I also do this most days as well )

Stir in 5 - 7 drops into water trough once/twice a week.  How easy is that ???? 
Fine for other animals to drink from same water trough.

Bot Fly Relief  - Contains homeopathic custom made blend of: Ledum (puncture bite, Infection relief or prevent), Nosode of Bot fly (reaction immunity) 6C, 2M, 10M.

Our horses have been terrorized every year by bots soon as the first warm sunny day occurs, directly after winter, even during winter ! (Sunny days bring out the bots (and the blowies !)The bots drive my guys insane and is always a constant source of angst for me. Since using this Bot Fly remedy in the water bowls (more often than once per week in my case as we refill all water bowels twice daily or more) Even tho we still have the nuisance factor throughout the warmer months, it definately appears to be less than in the past, so long as this remedy is started before the winter is completely gone & continued right through the warmer months. We are seeing less & less evidence of bots stressing the horses every year. AMAZING !  Is it a coincidence ? or is this the answer to the problem ? Am really excited to see what is happening as our horses are peacefully going about their business and not being driven round and round , lashing out , running the risk of serious injury.



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