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Distilled MSM 850g - AU ONLY

Distilled MSM 850g - AU ONLY

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“Distilled MSM Is Reported To Be The Purest Form Of MSM One Can Ever Buy”.


There are 2 methods of manufacture, crystallization and distillation.  Our normal MSM is produced by crystallization and has always been of top quality, made from DMSO , always a very pure effective product with NO fillers, NO free flowing agents , NO binders & NO anti caking agents, etc. We have been using & offering this exact same MSM for over 10 years & have always been happy with the effectiveness, purity & potency.


However ! Almost on a weekly basis we have been asked if we have *Distilled MSM*,  as many people are led to believe it is even better because it is DISTILLED instead of CRYSTALLISED. After much deliberation we decided to stock both products to cover everyone’s request . We are also offering it for a lot less dollars than other sellers who make the claims that DISTILLED MSM is THE BEST !


Because manufacturing process used for Distilled MSM is more involved , more time consuming , and results in a “super pure” product, this is also reflected in extra costs. Both our MSM products are of approved Australian Standards , & both are very pure, with no heavy metal contamination, or any other nasties."You now have THE CHOICE :-)"


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