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Aloe Vera Agricultural Grade 1L Concentrate

Aloe Vera Agricultural Grade 1L Concentrate

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Aloe Vera Agricultural Grade 1L

Organic Insecticide

The Aloe vera plant is recognised as having a very strong immune system. Now growers can utilise these properties for the benefit of their crops to fight against insect attacks. Aloe has the ability to deter insects from plants without the use of toxic sprays. The juice has been cold pressed and carefully processed to retain all of the active properties of the whole plant.

Not suitable for human consumption due to its high aloin (yellow part of the leaf) content.

Suggested usage for: Natural Insect Deterrant large scale area

(50/50 Mix - Aloe Vera and Activ-8)
1 Ltr Aloe Vera mixed with 50-100 Ltrs of water.
1 Ltr Activ-8 (for additional benefit)

3 Applications are needed:

  • On Flowering
  • Fruit at 1/2 size
  • Ripening

Store in a cool dry place. Re-seal after use. Shake well before use.



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