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Australian Zeolite - Facts & Figures

Australian Zeolite - Facts & Figures

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Australian Zeolite  Facts and Practical Uses

by Brenda White

Learn how to:

■ reduce heavy metal toxicity
■ make natural, effective first aid treatments
■ improve your overall health
■ save money with pet and household tips
■ keep your skin in top condition
■ invigorate and detoxify your garden

If you care about your own health and the health of your family, pets and garden this book is for you BUT if you live in a polluted environment, are concerned about heavy metal toxicity, are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding this book is a must read.

Australian Zeolite is the ‘how to’ book for those who want practical, informative and factual information.

For more than 17 years Greg and Brenda have been collecting information about zeolite and its health benefits and at long last it’s ready to share with you in a comprehensive book all about zeolite, especially Australian zeolite.

During this time we have also been experimenting with zeolite’s many uses around the house and, most of all, its uses in skin care and first aid treatments. This book shares our research and practical experience. It took nearly four years to write and we are very pleased to say it is now with the printer and will be ready within two weeks.

Brenda has written this book for people like me who need information fast, without all the ‘fluff’ as well as for those who crave deeper knowledge. The balance is perfect!!

Joan Bell, Sydney, January 2017


There are more than 100 references and other sources of information in this book. To make it easy for you to access this information, every book pre-ordered online comes with a free .pdf download of these references with active links.

Chapter 1 Zeolite, Facts and Fiction
Chapter 2 Heavy Metal Toxicity
Chapter 3 Health Impacts of Heavy Metal Toxicity
Chapter 4 Zeolite’s Health Benefits
Chapter 5 Detoxifying Methods
Chapter 6 Anti-Pollution Skin and Bath Care
Chapter 7 First Aid and Hygiene
Chapter 8 Zeolite for Animals
Chapter 9 Zeolite Around the House
Chapter 10 Zeolite in the Garden


Technical Data, Sources of Heavy Metal Exposure, References, Other Information, Index


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