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Robbie Zeck

Blossoming Heart Cards by Robbi Zeck - Aromatherapy for Healing & Transformation.

Blossoming Heart Cards by Robbi Zeck - Aromatherapy for Healing & Transformation.

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The Blossoming Heart

Who is Robbi Zeck??? 

Robbi is an Australian author, a naturopath, a kinesiologist, a counsellor and trainer.

Essential Oil Affirmations

The essential oil reflections assist in guiding you through life’s many and varied transitions and from this place, you can cherish your own magnificence and allow your true beauty to unfold.

The Blossoming Heart card deck has been specifically designed to accompany The Blossoming Heart book.

The 60 cards, each with a Blossoming Heart Essential Oil Affirmation encourage heartfelt enquiry into your life. The cards also compliment the beauty and heartfulness experienced in each of the Aromatic Kinesiology Workshops.

As you apply the wisdom of the reflections and affirmations may Love, Grace and Gratitude light the path to your beautiful blossoming heart.

The Blossoming Heart cards are packaged in a lovingly handcrafted silk bag and your purchase supports a grassroots family in Bali.

To use the cards you simply hold them in your hands and take a quite reflective pause …

  • Think about an area of your life where you desire clarification, direction or support.
  • Shuffle the cards and choose one you are drawn towards.
  • Each essential oil is associated with a pair of key words, evocative of the light and shade of life.
  • NEGATIVE WORD – an emotion to move away from…
  • POSITIVE WORD – how you would like to feel instead…
  • The next step is to place a drop of essential oil on a tissue, inhale the oil and repeat the affirmation and the positive word.
  • These key words bring awareness to the emotional quality or state of mind that you need to direct your attention towards at this time, subtly shifting you from a phase of contraction into a phase of expansion.
  • Now read The Essential Oil Reflection in The Blossoming Heart book for deeper awareness and ponder the questions you find there…
  • Continue to think about the reflection and affirmation throughout your day.
  • Your chosen essential oil can also be used in your diffuser, spritzer, bath or massage.

To order this beautiful card deck please go to our essential oil section, subcategory books and cards, or phone us 08 9851 4126 to place order over the phone if this is your preference.


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