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Boronia Essential Oil 3% 12ml

Boronia Essential Oil 3% 12ml

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Boronia 3% Absolute in Jojoba Oil
A beautiful, natural, flowery, woody perfume with a berry undertone.

Boronia 3% Absolute is a classic, rich, flowery, woody perfume. There are also fruit undertones in the aroma which make it fresh as well as earthy and woody. It is ideal to use as a natural perfume. A drop on the finger and then applied to the desired area.

Botanical name Boronia megastigma

Ingredients 3% v/v pure Boronia Absolute (distilled by non chlorinated solvent extraction of the flowers and leaves) in a Jojoba oil (97%) base.

Boronia 3% Absolute Aroma
Flowery, woody aroma, with fruity undertones.

Boronia 3% Absolute Benefits
Uplifting, refreshing, energising.

Boronia 3% Absolute Uses
Use as a perfumes, it is quite rich and long lasting.

Aromatherapy Oil
1 to 2 drops in an oil burner, a couple of drops in a vaporiser, 1 to 2 drops into a bath.

Blend Boronia 3% Absolute with Essentially Australia Oils: Eucalyptus Australiana Essential Oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, Honey Myrtle Essential Oil, Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Kimberley Heath Essential Oil

Massage and Boronia 3% Absolute Oil
5 to 8 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Other Common Names
Boronia, Brown Boronia.
Natural Occurrence in Australia
Boronia megastigma grows upto a metre high and is found in south west Western Australia, between Albany and Perth.

Other Information
Boronia was named after 18th century Italian botanist Francesco Borone.

Main Actives of pure Boronia Oil

  • alpha-pinene
  • sabinene
  • delta-3-carene
  • dihydro beta ionone
  • dihydro beta ionol
  • beta-ionone
  • dodecyl acetate
  • methyl jasmonate isomer
  • methyl iso jasmonate
  • heptadec-8-ene
  • methyl hydroxy cinnamate.

Do not add to baths or spas as the liquid will not disperse very well


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