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Camelia Oil - Luxurious - Gentle - Organic - 100ml

Camelia Oil - Luxurious - Gentle - Organic - 100ml

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Camelia Oil (Camellia oleifera) - Organic- 100ml

A luxurious, silky Cosmetic Grade Camellia Oil which is cold pressed and rich in Vitamins A, B and E .Very useful to combat aging.

Camellia Oil is a "non-greasy" oil excellent for use in skin and hair products. Pressed from the seeds of the fruit, Camellia Oil is high in oleic acid and offers antioxidant properties.

Camellia Oil is especially suited for facial use due to its rapidly absorbency. Rejuvenating and restorative, giving the skin a radiant glow, it protects from damaging environmental conditions. Camellia promotes the healing of scars, is soothing to irritated and dry skin and is can be useful in treating freckles and age spots as it promotes elasticity of the skin.

Camellia oil is very stable, which means it has a long shelf life, however it should be stored in a cool dark environment if not used up quickly.

Highly Recommended for all skin types, but particularly Dry, Mature and Sensitive

Uses of Camellia Oil for Hair Care

People have used camellia oil for hair care for centuries as for conditioning and styling hair. The oil is a popular choice for hair care because of the following benefits:

    * Moisturizing and effectively seals in moisture
    * Penetrates hair quickly without leaving a greasy residue
    * Light herbal scent that does not linger
    * Non-comedogenic
    * Hypoallergenic
    * Soothes dry scalp
    * Works well as a carrier oil with essential oils
    * Improves hair elasticity
    * Works well for people who find other natural oils too heavy for their hair

People can use camellia oil for hair care in the following ways:

    * Preshampoo treatment - Apply a generous amount of camellia oil to dry hair and let it sit for one hour. Shampoo and condition as usual.
    * Deep conditioner - Saturate hair with camellia oil and wrap hair in a warm towel or heating cap for 20 minutes. The warmth will help the oil penetrate the hair cuticles deeper. Follow with shampoo and conditioner.
    * Moisturize dry ends - Once or twice a day, rub a small amount of camellia oil onto the dry ends of the hair. Hair should feel softer and more pliant after application. This will combat hair dryness and prevent split ends. Oil can also be applied to damp ends after using a leave-in conditioner to seal in extra moisture.
    * Scalp conditioning - Rub a drop or two of camellia oil between palms. Massage the oil onto to the scalp with the fingertips for 10 minutes.
    * Daily moisturizer for hair - Apply a tiny amount of camellia oil to the entire hair shaft, especially the ends every day. Dry or damaged hair can benefit from twice daily moisturizing.

With all of camellia oil's hair care benefits, it is no wonder that it is growing in popularity.

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