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CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula - 118ml

CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula is an easy-to-absorb, pleasant-tasting and complete liquid silica formulation that combines highly purified mineral silica with CELLFOOD’s wide array of plant-based minerals and elements with dissolved oxygen.

Silica comes in many forms and from many sources. CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula starts with the highly purified mineral silica. Then, through a unique process, it’s transformed to create a pH neutral, ionic molecule that is extremely small – measuring less than 10 nanometers. We then combine this with the remarkable CELLFOOD formula thus helping provide a unique nutritional delivery system that may be naturally absorbed in the body.

Highly purified & specially processed ionic silica blended with 1/8 strength CELLFOOD original formula which contains vital plant-based minerals and naturally occurring nutrients that work in synergy with silica.

CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula is non-toxic and added to water provides valuable nutrition.

Only CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula Combines:

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