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Clove Leaf Oil 100% Essential Oil 50ml

Clove Leaf Oil 100% Essential Oil 50ml

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Vrindavan Clove Leaf Oil 50ml

Vrindavan Clove Leaf Oil comes from the leaves of a clove shrub or tree. It has many different uses. It is excellent for cleaning mouldy surfaces as the 80-85% eugenol content in Clove Oil attacks and kills the mould spores, thus preventing mould build-up. It has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

All Vrindavan products are:

*SLS free & GMO free        
*contain essential oil
*Cruelty free  
*free of any harmful chemicals
*100% vegetable based
*certified organic or contain certified organic ingredients

Directions and Popular Recipe for Cleaning Mould using Clove Leaf Oil.

Ingredients for cleaning affected surface:
Half tablespoon sodium bicarbonate
Quarter cup vinegar
2 litres hot water

Ingredients for getting rid of the mould:
Half teaspoon 100% pure clove leaf essential oil
500ml water
Plastic spray bottle

First clean off the affected surface with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, vinegar and hot water. Once the affected surface is clean, fill a clean spray bottle with water and add the half a teaspoon of clove leaf essential oil to it. Spray on the mould-affected area, leave for half an hour before wiping clean. Immediately spray again and leave the clove leaf oil mixture on this time to allow any remaining mould spores to dry and drop off over the next couple of days.

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