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Colic & Stomach Pain Relief 50ml (homeopathic))

Colic & Stomach Pain Relief 50ml (homeopathic))

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Colic-Stomach Pain Relief Solution

  • Fast actiing that stops muscle cramping and pain.
  • Suitable for all Species and ages with gastrointestinal pain
  • Aids digestion - stomach, small intestine and colon areas.
  • Colic in a horse is quickly assisted when using this remedy.

Fast pain relief from cramps and digestion and pain for quick effective relief  (from second or third repeat dose in 15 mins)  of any type of Gastrointestinal pain (colic) in horses, dogs or cats, farm animals & even humans.

Contains homeopathics combination of: Organ sarcode of stomach, small intestines, colon, large intestine, pancreas, Ileoc ecal valve plus and Nux vomica 12X, 200C, Belladonna 1M (inflammation), Aconite 10M (acute and sudden symptoms), Morgan Bacteria (bowel nosode) 30C, 200C, Colocynthis 200C, 1M, Colchicum 1M, Magnesium 12C,1M, Hydrastis 1M (infections) Popophyllum 12C,1M (colic with diarrhea) Manganum Oxyd 12C, 1M, Cuprum Met 50M (acute cramping relief).  FAST STOMACH PAIN RELIEF.  AND COLIC PAIN FOR HORSE'S.

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