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Colloidal Gold Solution 200ml

Colloidal Gold Solution 200ml

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Colloidal Gold

The Gold Solution Colloidal Gold is a high-quality solution designed for those who want healthier joints. Colloidal gold specifically supports a healthy immune system response in the joints and joint fluids. 

Don't let stiff joints keep you down
Leading research universities are finding that elemental gold is possibly the greatest discovery for supporting healthy joint mobility.

Science is now giving us technical answers as to why many customers are experiencing amazing results from The Gold Solution. Even those customers who did not respond to other products like chondroitin, Glucosamine or MSM, are seeing positive results.

Colloidal Gold Naturally Supports:

  • People with stiff or uncomfortable joints.
  • Those with decreased joint mobility.
  • Individuals needing support with memory, focus and concentration.
  • Those with poor energy levels.
  • If you are experiencing stiff or uncomfortable joints, we advise starting The Gold Solution® now to help maintain your joint health early.
  • Colloidal gold is thought to aid nerve transmission. Therefore it may also support healthy cognitive function, memory, concentration and mental focus.

Gold is a catalyst for endorphin-like hormones as well as the key antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Suitable for the whole family:
The Gold Solution® has no known side effects, is non-toxic and has an excellent safety profile [3]. The Gold Solution® is an easy-to-drink dietary supplement and will not interfere with medication.


  • Laboratory Tested & Proven
  • Electro-Colloidal Process
  • Technologically Advanced
  • Pure Gold 99.99%
  • Nil Calories/Kilojoules
  • Non-Toxic / Non-Addictive


  • Joint mobility, comfort, stiffness and range of motion.
  • Healthy energy levels.
  • A sense of emotional wellbeing and calmness.
  • Healthy focus, concentration and memory.
  • Healthy mood and emotional stress.

1]. Duke University Medical Centre Office of Publications, Volume 16 No. 15, November 16, 2007
[2]. Harvard Gazette March 02, 2006, Nature Chemical Biology Feb. 27, 2006
[3]. Encyclopaedia Wikipedia quotes ..Gold is completely inert to all chemicals it encounters inside the human body.. ..non-toxic and non-irritating when ingested.., ..Gold is an approved food additive..

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