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Colloidal Selenium 500ml

Colloidal Selenium 500ml

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Colloidal Selenium - High Purity Selenium Colloid

Selenium Colloid 500mls (Selenium Methionine) Selenium is the anti-oxidant of the mineral kingdom. Along side orthodox medications, it is used by Medical Doctors the world over to prevent and treat chronic, degenerative illnesses.

About Selenium:

Plants take up mostly inorganic elements to produce colloids for growth and sustenance. These elements then become organic colloids. This liquid mineral product takes the role of plants to deliver a high quality food colloid.

Everyone to this day is deficient in Selenium. It helps to maintain good health which may assist in the prevention of certain malfunctions of the human body.

Serving Suggestions:

5ml of this reconstituted Selenium Colloid Concentrate will deliver 46 micrograms of elemental selenium. Consume 1/2 capfuls (2.5ml) per day before meals.

Dosage - Prevention - 10mls per day Treatment - 20mls per day.

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