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Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml Glass Bottle

Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml Glass Bottle

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Superior Ionic Colloidal Silver Liquid 500ml Amber Glass Bottle
Contains 99.999% pure silver suspended in double purified water 

The Original All purpose well known amber glass bottle. 16-20ppm silver to assist in eradication of bacteria, viruses and fungi!
A product that no home should be without !

Humidifier & Diffuser
Adding silver colloid to humiudifiers and diffusers can attack bacteria in the air. This can reduce the spread of colds and flu. It can also aid in breathing conditions such as asthma and emphysema.

Check it out for yourself & try some soon, it's fantastic stuff !

I find it is just so effective....for all animals, fish, bird ,etc , can even refresh stale food or spoilt cosmetics , cut flowers will rejuvenate . Spray it on freshly washed hair it makes your hair shimmer , use it to refresh your hair when washing is not an option . Makes a great disinfectant for washing down food preparation areas when diluted in water. I have found Colloidal Silver liquid to be totally safe... it is simply amazing stuff !!

Suttons Ionic Colloidal Silver:

Suttons Ionic Colloidal Silver is made to exacting standards to ensure that only the best quality product is produced. It is priced at an unbelievably low price.... almost half of any other similar strength product.

What a customer said about the product:

Hi Rayelene,

As you know I have recently had extensive dental work which involved extracting all my upper teeth over a period of time.  A majority of these teeth had abscesses.  The poison from these was entering my system and making me feel decidedly unwell for a long time.  I used the colloidal silver liquid to great effect, it reduced the pain after extraction and my general health improved greatly due to the natural antibiotic nature of Colloidal Silver. I now have a new upper denture and am SMILING CONFIDENTLY for the first time in years.  I didn't have to visit the Doctor for pain relief or antibiotics Colloidal Silver took care of that for me.  Thank you very much for suggesting I give Colloidal Silver ago.  I have never felt better.


MT Barker  WA. 14/04/06

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