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Colon Cleanse®

Colon Cleanse®

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Colon Cleanse®
assists in the relief of occasional constipation by increasing water in the intestine. Colon Cleanse® rids the body of wastes and promotes elimination.

Magnesium from 1.065g, Magnesium oxide – heavy 1.600g, Magnesium carbonate – heavy 400mg

“When your bowel works well, you feel great!” ...the average person has between 1 and 3 kg of unwanted matter stuck to their bowel wall which sits there putrefying, creating a source of toxicity, a breeding ground for pathogens and creating a welcome home for parasites. Do you need a Colon Cleanse?

What is a healthy bowel function?
Sometimes observing nature can give us an insight into the human condition. If you have a pet dog, you will notice that almost every time your dog has its meal, it will act on its digestive reflex message and “do its business”. Although the human anatomy is sufficiently different to our canine friends, studies show that 2 or 3 bowel movements a day are ideal.

Protocol For Colon Cleansing with Colon Cleanse Powder 
The formulator says: As a practitioner of natural therapies, experience has taught me that each person is unique and different. I strive to recognise the “bio-individuality” of each person and hence the prescription and dosage for a given complaint will differ greatly depending on the individual. This is especially true in the application of Magnesium Oxide. One has to take into account all aspects of safety and the rate of intestinal transit time for each individual before formulating a dosage. As a general rule, the first week or two should be intensive. Frequency of bowel motions might be as much as four to ten times daily. However, lifestyle and work commitments in most cases will demand a more gradual application of Magnesium Oxide. One should strive for a dosage which will stimulate two to three bowel motions per day. This dosage may be as much as two heaped teaspoons a day or as little as one half teaspoon daily. Remember to listen to your body.
The Magnesium Oxide should come in white powder form and is generally mixed in half a glass of water. Substances which are mildly acidic, such as lemon juice or apple cider can be added or follow the ingestion of magnesium oxide. These mildly acidic substances enhance the digestion of the Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium Oxide should not be taken with meals or medications. That is, at least an hour before or three hours after eating. As Magnesium Oxide liquefies toxic matter, it can be expected that the bowel motions will be loose. This is not “infective or pathologically induced diarrhoea” but is the result of the increased liquid within the bowel. It is not healthy to maintain a state of magnesium induced diarrhoea on a continuous basis as it may result in dehydration and/or magnesium toxicity. After the initial intensive or gradual cleansing treatment, some people will find it beneficial to take Magnesium Oxide from time to time to stimulate regularity. In general, it is perfectly safe to use in this manner, but it is always wise to be guided by a health professional. People who use Magnesium Oxide on a regular basis may need to take some extra potassium. Please consult with your health practitioner
Disclaimer: IMPORTANT – The information contained here is intended for educational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. Those individuals suffering any disease or persistent symptoms should consult with their health care professional. It is hoped that this information will empower you to make more informed decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.
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