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Copy of Methylene Blue - BluZone 100ml

Copy of Methylene Blue - BluZone 100ml

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BluZone - Methylene Blue is created using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade methylene blue; prepared in Ellis distilled & structured water, infused with infrared and packaged in Miron Violet Biphotonic glass for maximum results!

Methylene Blue or methylthionium chloride is an organic compound that goes through a synthesis process of extraction. Not to be confused with a synthetic compound. High quality MB is extracted without solvents resulting in a pure USP grade product.

Methylene Blue is a beautiful compound used as a nootropic to increase memory, mood and longevity. MB is an organic chloride salt. It is known as the magic bullet due to its uncanny ability to target diseased tissue and concentrate in the brain; proving effective for Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression and any brain dysfunction. It increases cerebral blood flow and acts as an antidepressant.

Unlike other nootropics that work by increasing neurotransmitter synthesis and neural signalling, methlyene blue improves memory by dramatic increase in brain cell respiration; how the brain cells utilize oxygen. MB also increases cellular glucose uptake - providing more brain & cellular power.

A single dose of Methylene Blue has been shown to improve memory!

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