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Deonat Push-Up Stick 100g

Deonat Push-Up Stick 100g

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DEONAT, mineral crystal stick deodorant 100g

What it is made of: 100% mineral salts.  Contains no aluminium, chlorhydrate, fragrance, preservatives or alchohol.

What it will do:  Helps to kill and retard odour-producing bacteria giving you very effective anti-bacterial protection.  It will not stain your clothing, and is non-allergenic.  Recommended for the most sensitive skin.

There are many other uses for this Fantastic Crystal stick ! i.e.  as an astringent for mouth & cold sores. or....... 

  1. As an styptic/antiseptic-stops bleeding & promotes healing of shaving cuts, paper cuts, pet scratches etc.........
  2. Treating acne problems, pimples etc.
  3. The Mineral salts in this crystal stick have powerful anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties & can reduce inflammation & assists in relief of mosquito bites & other insect bites........
The list goes on.......
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