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Disinfectant "SuperSOL" 1lt refill - Most Marvellous Stuff On Earth !

Disinfectant "SuperSOL" 1lt refill - Most Marvellous Stuff On Earth !

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1 x litre SuperSOL Disinfectant


Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable,Value for Your money & Fast Working !


Disinfectant "SuperSol" 1lt Concentrate for Horses, People, Pets & more. 

1x lt Concentrate makes 21lt R.T.U. full power product (plus 2 relevant applicators for ease of use ) !

Australian Made & Owned for more than 30years !

Super Value

This is the most amazing stuff !!!!!

1lt of concentrate makes 21 lts of R.T.U @ approx.$1.20 per lt that is Fantastic Economy !!!!!!!



SuperSOL is a highly concentrated disinfectant for use in & around the homegarage , workshop , stables , playground , on holidays ,at the beach ,etc.

  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast.
  • Safe economical, multi purpose, hospital grade for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Safe for your pets too !
  • This product withstands boiling and freezing without losing its disinfectant properties , but becomes inactive if in contact with soaps.
  • SuperSOL is lightly fragranced when diluted and consequently no strong odour remains after cleaning refrigerators, freezers etc.
  • One litre of concentrate makes 21 litres of RTU disinfectant at a cost of approx.$1 per litre.

SuperSol is also very useful , economical & extremely effective for animal usage.As it is non-toxic , non-corrosive ,non-flammable & non irritating when used in diluted form , it is the one product I could never do without.I have 30years experience with using this product & it is truly the best multi-purpose & safe disinfectant I have ever had the good fortune to come across.Now I want to share it with you too ! 


Tripoly Quarter Horse Stud

David & Terri Lynch,

Lot 150 Brand Highway,


August 15,2003


I have been breeding horses for 18 years & in that time I have used Supersol  in all areas on the Stud.

I have had great success with bandages soaked in Supersol for taking the heat & swelling out of strained & bowed tendons.

I have used Supersol for cleaning & dressing all wounds, large & small, & I haven’t had any infection or proud flesh problems.

The most common statement made by attending Vets is the lack of swelling & how quick the injury is healing.

I use Supersol  in place of alcohol swabs & sterilise all my syringes in it.

I have also used Supersol to clean mares before Stallion coverage & have never had any mares react to it as I have had with other cleaning antiseptics.

I find Supersol  to be economical, versatile & invaluable.


Terri Lynch,

Managing Director,

Tripoly Quarter Horse Stud.


Please note:

Only 3-4 capfuls of concentrate need to be added to the empty applicator spray bottle , filled with water & Hey Presto ! It's full strength R.T.U. This is the recommended mixture for virtually all applications. For animal uses I personally have used it for the following with great success. Using the dilution as above in a 1/2 lt spray bottle for open wounds, grazes, bruising , bites etc. By using the SuperSol  in a spray it is more effective as it penetrates better than if applied with a gauze wad ,etc.  I'm sure that once you try this marvellous stuff  You will agree that it is the most effective & most economical 500ml RTU disinfectant available anywhere on the market .That’s  a PROMISE !  Do yourself & your animals a huge favour  ..try it !! Actions will speak louder than WORDS !



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