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DMSO 70% Solution - 100ml Glass Eye Dropper Top Bottle

DMSO 70% Solution - 100ml Glass Eye Dropper Top Bottle

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DMSO 100ml (99.9% pure) 70% + 30% Double Distilled Water R.T.U. in a amber glass bottle, with Eyedropper top for ease of aplication. 

Why a glass bottle ?

Did you know DMSO is actually classed as a solvent ? However , this DMSO is not Industrial grade, it is a Premium Pharmaceutical grade .

As DMSO is also a very powerful penetrant / carrier we don't want to risk contamination from any plastics for either the user or the recipient.

Even though DMSO is a non-toxic product made from leftovers of the paper manufacturing process & the DMSO is made from exactly the same product ,  we do not offer DMSO for Human Use .What you choose to use DMSO for is entirely your choice.

PS: Did you know that DMSO can also be used to help strike your garden plant cuttings too ? Did you also know that water is a solvent too ?

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