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Drawing Out - abscess, grass seeds, teeth infection , etc(homeopathic formula)

Drawing Out - abscess, grass seeds, teeth infection , etc(homeopathic formula)

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Drawing Out - 50ml 

For all species large & small.

  • Use for Bone infections, wound clearing, deep pyodermas.
  • Drains pus from teeth, gum, face, ear, bone, grass seeds.
  • Anywhere on the body where infection needs to come out.
  • No surgery may be needed when you use this fast acting remedy.

Use this remedy for assisting in OPENING and DRAINING ABSCESSES. Some times there is a notable bad breath from tooth or gum infection.  This is a very powerful formula.  Will effectively work on any morbid matter to be pulled out of the body - toes, ear canal, tooth abscess, boils, draining fissures, leg ulcers, carbuncles, nocardia infection etc.  Will react to this wonderful formula be it mucus in the sinus, tonsils, ears, uterus or rectum, no matter of how long standing.

Also use for Deep Pyodermas (pus under the skin).

Contains homeopathic, nosode complex:

  • Hepar Sulp 4X (aids and hastens suppuration),
  • Pasteurella Multocida nosode 12X, 30X, 1M,
  • Gunpowder nosode 1M (holds infection prevents from spreading),
  • Hydrastis 1M,
  • Anthracinum nosode,
  • (NV) Anti-Scar formula,
  • Pyprogeniun nosode,(is good for when and where abscess were mistreated and gone wrong),
  • Calc Carb,
  • Bone Staphyloccocus bacteria nosode 1M (bone infection or prevention),
  • Nitric Acidum,
  • (NAR) Trigeminal Neuralgia formula 1M (nerve pain, face pain),
  • Myristica Seb 4X (homeopathic knife - a great anti-septic powers, cellular tissue, aids suppuration, ulcerations, Inflammation of skin, cellular tissue and periosteum. Traumatic infections, parotitis, fistulas, carbuncles.),
  • Nocardia Bacteria nosode 6C, 30C,
  • Hippozaeninum nosode 4C,12X, 30X, 200C,1M,
  • Silicea 6X, (helps draw out pus and infection)
  • Kreostum 4X,12X, 200X (abscess, syphilis ulcers),
  • Ledum 30C, 6X (tetanus prevention or relief),
  • Thiosinaminum 3X,12X (enlarged lymph glands),
  • Phytolacca 3X, 12X (hastens suppuration),
  • Penicillinum 200C (antibiotic drug but without the side effects - boils, skin conditions, sycosis, tubercular conditions, allergies)
  • Tarentula cubensis 30C, 200C,
  • Pasteurella Pestis,
  • Pasteurella Pseudotuberculosis,
  • Pasteurella tularensis 12X, 200C. 

This formula is also available in a larger size from time to time. Postage not included.

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