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Flower Essence Made to Order 30ml or 50ml

Flower Essence Made to Order 30ml or 50ml

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"Custom Blend" Australian Bush Flower Essences made to order x 30ml or 50ml

Priced from $25.00 to $35.00 depending on bottle size & amount of essences needed.

Choose your base preservative, either - Brandy or Colloidal Silver (Brandy is the default if no option is requested)

Pick your 1- 8 flower essences - using this page to select your individual flower essences.

Add the bottle/s to your cart.

Then write your selection/s in the message area or email it to me if that is easier for you.


How to use your personal blend:

Take seven drops under the tongue morning & night or if you prefer we can make with a spray top, then you do 3-4 sprays under the tongue

Keep a diary ( we will provide you with a specific sheet to assist your recording) of how you feel before you start, noting the specific issues you are wishing to resolve.

At the end of the dose bottle course, reassess your notes to decide if you need to continue with this combination (if it is working, but you may wish to continue), or if you need to try a new combination.

Usually changes are already occuring unless it is an issue you have had for a long time. Sometimes you may need to repeat the same formula several times to get a complete resolution. Some people will repeat the remedy again after doing a different blend. 

However, if you wish to have some assistance in making your selection, we can do a personal card reading plus muscle energy test for you which is $45.00 or $70.00 depending on time selection, plus the Essence Combination/s we will then select for you. This will be done via a personal phone consult after payment is completed.

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