NEW Glowing IC Pad – Transfer PEMFs, Red Light, Infrared or Make Energetic Remedies

NEW Glowing IC Pad – Transfer PEMFs, Red Light, Infrared or Make Energetic Remedies

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Glowing IC Pad 3– Transfer PEMFs or Reprint into Water for Wellness

  • The Glowing IC Pad 3 combines innovation and efficiency into a single, powerful tool. This cutting-edge device, designed for the effective transfer of both Imprint and PEMF ICs, delivers a powerful output signal that ensures sessions are both deep and impactful. Key features include:

    • Rapid Water Preparation: Prepare up to 2.0 liters of water in just 2 minutes.
    • Flexible Connectivity Options: Choose between Bluetooth or cable connection.
    • Easy Start-Up: Simply connect to any computer or smartphone, access your Infopathy account, and select the IC for transfer.
    • Tri-Color Light System: Tailor your experience with blue, red, and infrared lights. Use them individually or combine them for maximum effect: Blue for imprinting, Red for direct body contact, and Infrared for both applications. Combine all three for stronger imprints.
    • Adjustable Lanyard Attachment: Enhances portability and ease of use, making direct body applications more convenient.

    The Glowing IC Pad 3 is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, ensuring every session is as effective as it is enjoyable. 

    Which light mode should I choose?
    For imprinting, choose Blue; for direct body contact, choose Red. Infrared mode is suitable for both applications. For enhanced imprints, combine all three. In a dark room, especially when imprinting water, consider using Infrared mode since infrared light is not visible.

    NOTE: The Glowing IC Pad does not include any pre-recorded signals. The device will work with signals you already have or those that are available on other web platforms. Please note, some web platforms (e.g. PEMF databases) may offer signals at an additional fee.
Important Safety Information

LED Lights Caution: The Glowing IC Pad 3 is equipped with LED lights. It is crucial to avoid direct eye exposure to these lights as it may pose a risk to eye health.
Magnetic Field Warning: This device generates a magnetic field. It is important to note that this field can interfere with the functionality of certain medical devices. Individuals who have internal pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps are advised not to use the Glowing IC Pad 3 near the area of their implants.

 Make your own concentrated remedy or imprint straight into your daily water supply.

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