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Healing for Horses -The Essential Guide

Healing for Horses -The Essential Guide

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Healing for Horses by Margrit Coates

Essential Guide to Using Hands-On Healing

A must have buy !

This book is a must buy for anyone with a love of horses and also for anyone interested in healing and energy therapy. What hands on healing is all about is explained in depth in simple language easily understood by most people.

Groundbreaking studies
Throughout the book Margrit shares stories with you about how horses who have been sick, distressed, traumatised, or had behavioural problems have been helped by hands on healing.

Margrit Coates , a gifted healer, even as a youngster, is the author of this very helpfull and educational book .

It is her experiences about what she has done for horses. She will guide you through the steps for giving touch or distance healing to horses, including what to do in a session and what to avoid.

Margrit discusses what is healing for horses, why horses need healing, healing horses and the human link, how to give a healing treatment, healing for horses and chakras, crystals and gemstones for healing, and other natural therapies.

Evocative case histories illuminate the author's remarks.

This is a work that horse trainers, owners, and professionals alike will find stimulating and very useful .

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