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Ionic Energy Wand -Special April/May or till sold out!

Ionic Energy Wand -Special April/May or till sold out!

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The Ionic Energy Balancing Wand

The Ionic Wand is an energy balancing and cleansing tool designed to clear energetic disturbances in the human Aura/Biofield, energy centers (Chakras) and to energize the Meridians.


The Ionic Wand can be used on both people and animals, and can also be used to energize liquids and food.

With the electromagnetic stresses of the 21st century, noxious energy fields create imbalances of energy in our Aura, especially around the crown and third eye nerve plexus (or chakra).

The Ionic Wand is an energy balancing tool designed to clear any discordant energetic disturbances within the human bio-field (the field of energy that surrounds the human body, otherwise known as the human Aura), and energy centers (Chakras).

With the aid of a Meridian chart, the Ionic Wand can be used directly against the skin to energize meridian channels and all 7 nerve plexus.

In some cases, noxious energy fields may “infect” our protective etheric energy bodies which can dramatically and instantly drain a person’s energy, and create resonant stress on organs. If you are sensitive enough, you can feel the imbalances in the Aura which require balancing.

The Wand can also be used to energetically rejuvenate water and food, especially fruit and vegetables which attract an earth radiation imprint from radioactive minerals in the soil. It will not leave a metallic taste like stainless steel water energizing wands. Within 30 seconds of the Ionic Wand being in contact with food or water, it will have a balancing and energizing effect.

Animals love the sensation of the Ionic Wand being run through their fur.

Orgone Effects ® Ionic wand can be used as an EMF Harmonizer for personal use if kept in a pocket or handbag when you’re out and about.

The Ionic Wand is made from a poly-carbonate rod which has been specially treated with Orgone Effects ® unique Ionic Infusion technology (Patent Pending). The reason for using poly-carbonate and not glass is that the poly-carbonate is robust and almost indestructible allowing it to travel better than glass wands which can be fragile. Although the wand is poly-carbonate, the frequency of the infusion process is equal to, if not more effective, than glass wands.

Our Ionic Wand is very popular with Kinesiologists who use it as an extension of their own healing and balancing skills. The Ionic Wand balances your Aura and Chakras and energizes your meridians from any disturbing energy.

The Ionic Wand is self-cleaning and therefore will not need clearing or re-charging.

Wand size: 175mm long, 12mm diameter.

How to use the Ionic Wand: –

People and Animals

Wave the Wand throughout your etheric field in a circular, clockwise motion over the etheric body organs (an imprint of your body’s internal organs in your etheric field), and chakras.
Wave the Wand in the etheric field above your head to remove any unwanted accumulation of dense etheric matter caused by emotional imbalances and spiritual interferences (entity attachment).
The Wand may also improve organ energy levels by rubbing the wand directly on the skin over the affected organ.
With the aid of a Meridian chart, run the wand slowly along the meridian channels touching the skin. Use your fingertip sensitivity to energy, or a pendulum, to check which meridians need to be balanced.
Water and Food

To remove Earth Radiation imprinting on food and to energize liquids: –

Hold the Wand in water or against a glass of water for 30 seconds.
Place the Wand directly onto fruit or vegetables for 30 seconds.
Place the wand against a bowl or plate for 30 seconds. The transference of energy from the Ionic Wand will energize the vessel which, in turn, will energize the food and remove any imprints from radioactive minerals in the soil.

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