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LiFE Living Food Enzymes 200g

LiFE Living Food Enzymes 200g

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LiFE Living Food Enzymes 200g

A comprehensive and natural enzyme complex, including the two major digestive enzymes, bromelain (pineapple) anjd papain (paw paw). This unique formulation contains essential nutrients that promote enzyme production. Enzymes play a necessary role in digestion, as well as in facilitating chemical reactions within the body, protecting against premature ageing and fortifying the immune system. Enzymes are normally obtained through the consumption of raw fruit and vegetables. As cooked and processed foods deplete the body's own reserve of enzymes, it is important to supplement the diet with quality food enzymes. 


  • Lactobacillus culture (Apple powder*, Chick peas*, Mung beans*, Maize*, Linseed*, Brown rice*, Green barley powder*, Millet*, Alfalfa seed*, Agave*, Molasses*)
  • Pineapple powder
  • Paw paw powder
  • Apple powder*
  • Cranberry powder
  • Kiwi fruit powder
  • Food enzymes
  • *Organic ingredients

Suggested uses:

1 teaspoonful may be mixed with juice or water, and consumed 15 minutes before each meal for optimum effectiveness. Alternatively, 1 teaspoonful may be sprinkled onto cereal, yoghurt or preferred food.



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