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Magnesium Oil 4 Transdermal Application 1lt Bulk - postage NOT included

Magnesium Oil 4 Transdermal Application 1lt Bulk - postage NOT included

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Magnesium Oil ( food grade) for Transdermal Applications & more

Helps Your Body produce it's Own DHEA & MORE !

1lt Bulk Bottle for multiple refills .

Magnesium oil is a concentrated, aqueous solution containing high levels of magnesium chloride and many trace elements. When used transdermally (i.e., across the skin), magnesium oil is rapidly absorbed, thereby rapidly boosting magnesium levels in the body. Rapid absorption of magnesium chloride can restore healthy levels of magnesium in tissues and organs. When optimal amounts of magnesium are available, the body can reap a wide variety of benefits, including pain relief, reduced muscle tension and tension-related stress and many other benefits. High-Quality Magnesium Oil is Ideal for Use in Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, including baths, footbaths, lotions, and direct application on skin !

This pure magnesium oil offers a very low sodium content.

Note: Magnesium oil is not an oil, but instead is a high-density solution of concentrated magnesium chloride and trace minerals suspended in pure water. The texture of this mineral-saturated solution is slippery and oil-like hence the given name of "magnesium oil".

500ml refill bottles (if this is too large for you) or refillable Applicator Spray Bottle is also available , see our other listings.


Q1. How quickly does magnesium oil absorb into my skin? Will it smell?

A1. Magnesium oil absorbs almost immediately upon contact. Applying 1 or 2 sprays of magnesium oil and massaging it into your skin will speed up the absorption of the magnesium oil, and leave almost no residue. A slight “oily” feeling will occur if a lot is applied. Magnesium oil has no odor.

Q2. I experienced a slight rash and tingling sensation at the location I applied the magnesium oil. Why?

A2. The tingling sensation is a result of the magnesium entering the skin, which is harmless, and isn’t always felt. Rashes can occur because of a concentration of toxic substances in your body, the rash being the point of detox your body is using to eliminate them. These are also harmless. In order to prevent rashes from occurring, simply dilute the magnesium oil 1:1 with purified water. Remember, this is a very concentrated product.

Q3. What is the maximum daily dosage of magnesium oil?

A3. There is none. By spraying magnesium onto your skin, rather than eating it, you bypass the problem of the gastrointestinal barrier. Excess magnesium in your intestines is not absorbed, just eliminated. Transdermal magnesium is largely absorbed and used by your cells on location.

Q4. Are there any precautions to using magnesium oil?

A4. Do not apply it to your eyes or into your nose. This would cause irritation. Applying magnesium oil onto open wounds will cause stinging, but will also increase speed of healing.

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