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MaJiK Magnesium Oil *Specific Blend* for Horses 1ltr concentrate

MaJiK Magnesium Oil *Specific Blend* for Horses 1ltr concentrate

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~Magnesium MaJiK Oil for Horses~


Flower Essences

Which can assist with

tight muscles,
gut issues,
lack of interest in participation,
and much more. 

Magnesium Oil benefits include:

Activates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the energy powerhouse 

Facilitates muscle health – 27% of magnesium is found in the muscles.

Relieve muscle pain and inflammation.

Reduce cramps.

Relax and balance the nervous system to help counter stress of racing or competition.

Removal of toxins and metals at a cellular level.

Supports a healthy immune System. 

How is MaJiK Equine Magnesium Oil used ?

 It is sprayed or rub directly to the skin, including areas where muscle and joint soreness is evident. Extremely valuable for tendon areas too.

  We have found it important to wet down area to be treated prior to application, this allows maximum penetration.Then to use light strokes downwards to help facilitate the absorption, is really effective in helping soothe & relax tight or tense areas.

A dose of 20 to 30ml is recommended for each treatment occasion.

These levels can vary depending on each individual requirement and purpose. Before & after exercise will give best long term results.

Every 30ml of Magnesium Oil contains approx. 3000mg of actual magnesium which is absorbed in as little as 30 minutes via the skin. Magnesium is a key mineral

 supplement that is lost through sweat, common manufactured and processed diets , also stress, anxiety, fear and injuries.

Our Magnesium MaJiK *PLUS* is 1lt of Concentrated Brine + Beneficial Flower Essences- we suggest you dilute it 50% with clean water to use.

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