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Moonbird Oil Capsules

Moonbird Oil Capsules

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Moonbird Oil Capsules

Oil from a Moonbird, Muttonbird or Yolla (the Aboriginal name) is one of nature’s least known food oil and also one of the few oils that does not involve an extraction process that damages the oils pure properties. Properties include: Selenium, Iodine, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamins and natural protective antioxidants.

Real and Wholesome Marine OMEGA Oils Naturally
Give your body raw absorbable, marine omega 3 acids EPA & DHA, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and much more. Strengthen and boost your body’s immune system with this natural marine oil so that your body is more able to take care of itself.

Ocean Omega products and Moonbird oil is being used to help give relief to a variety of diseases that affect our body.


Moonbird oil was, and still is taken orally, used dermally as a rub on, or massaged into muscles as a liniment. Moonbird oil is one of nature's least known beneficial foods and is also one of the few oils that does not involve an extraction process that damages vital properties of the oil. It is almost peerless in both nutritive index and pureness. 

The oil has been used both indigenously and by non-indigenous people in areas of health and well being. Moonbird oil is produced within the bird’s stomach, it has not been through any other extraction process such as mechanical, chemical, or heating. Therefore the potent nutritive properties are fully conserved to aid a range of health benefits naturally.

Ocean Omega products uses the pure oil from Moonbirds to make a variety of muscular and massage oils, Balms and creams for dermal application. The oil has marine omega 3 acids EPA and DHA which have recognition within the medical world with numerous studies, trails and tests affirming the use of marine omega 3's in the area of cardiovascular conditions and in other areas such as anti – inflammatory use for muscular stiffness, cramps and soreness the marine omega 3 acids are used both orally and dermally.

The omega 3 acid constituents of Moonbird oil have properties that are said to help support immune function. Some of the nutritive properties include marine omega 3 acids EPA (AKA) Eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA (AKA) Docosahexaenoic acid also vitamins and minerals such as magnesium – iodine – selenium – iron – zinc and calcium to name some.

The Aboriginal community have always revered Moonbirds and they’re by – products as essential food resources. One of the main cultural activities that the community still engages in, is gathering this resource from mid to late autumn.
Moonbirds and by – products are a vital part of Aboriginal diet throughout the winter period. Moonbirds are also harvested commercially by the community. A few years ago the (C.S.I.R.O) Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization reported that the numbers of Moonbirds being seasonally harvest for both personal and commercial use were well within sustainable limit's. The annual harvest figures reported at that time was between 200,000 and 300,000 birds. The C.S.I.R.O study also concluded that based on the above figures, a threefold increase from the current level would still be well within sustainable limits. Since the C.S.I.R.O study the harvest of Moonbirds by the Aboriginal community has been actually reduced to between 100,000 about 130,000 birds annually.
The commercial operators have decreased the number further to ensure the longevity and wellbeing for both the Moonbirds and the community needs into the future.

More than ever.
Today our oceans need protection for the future generation to enjoy and use to the benefit of all. We need to preserve all our natural wild fisheries and sea life in all forms. There is no place in our oceans for farmed fish anywhere and unless it is a native species. If we have densely populated fish eating or being partly fed from the sea, we a taken native species from our oceans and making fish meal to feed and grow salmon. These actions cannot be sustained for a variety of reasons including. If farmed fish are fed native fish in the form of fish meal etc over a period of time and given that it is a growing industry that is expanding, at some time in the future we will be affecting the food chain as well as salmon. Several varieties of fish could at some time in the future be at risk of low levels of stock, While being farmed in our oceans the potential of by – product and waste material affecting native fish and marine life in a negative way is to big a risk too expose our wild fisheries, birds, mammals and sea life generally whilst we are currently harvesting our wild fisheries sustainably.

RDD is 2-4 capsules daily

Recommended to Store Product in Fridge on opening


Do not consume if allergic to seafood or if on anti-coagulant medicines without 1st consulting with your healthcare practitioner.



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