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Nutracel Natural Deodorant 200ml Pump Spray Bottle

Nutracel Natural Deodorant 200ml Pump Spray Bottle

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Nutracell Deodorant.
A natural underarm deodorant .

The combination of herbal extracts are antibacterial and antifungal and encourage the body to remove toxins, as nature intended, without the unattractive aroma of bacterial breakdown.

Nutracell Underarm Deodorant is excellent for soothing and assisting skin repair, controlling odour, and has a delightfully light perfume.  May be used for the underarm, the feet and all other areas of the body.  It is soothing on cuts, scratches and grazes.

Unlike many other ‘natural’ deodorants, Nutracell deodorant is not crystal and does not contain naturally occurring aluminium salts.

Ingredients: Colloidal silver, extracts of marshmallow, restharrow, coltsfoot, chamomile, Melissa, wild thyme, rosemary, sage, horsetail, arnica, milfoil and witch hazel herbs, zinc complexes, alcohol, essential oil extracts, purified water added.

Available in 200ml bottles (spray pump)

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