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ParaExpel 50ml

ParaExpel 50ml

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ParaExpel 50ml (internal cleanse)

  • Special custom made homeopathic blend.
  • Natural and safe formula.
  • For all species and age.
  • Works well for gastrointestinal digestion as well.

A natural formula that works on assisting all species. Sprinkle a pinch (a dose) into meals, (three times daily) or make into liquid formula and add a teaspoon orally or on body for four weeks or longer if needed. Optional for farm animals and dogs, stir in a dose to water (filtered) water bowl every time you change water or  add to water trough once a week for one month. Repeat three (3) times yearly for all species ages & weight.

If parasites persist, use “Herba Worm”.


ParaExpel Formula 50ml
Contains custom worm blend of homeopathics: 
Pumpkin seed, Cup Oxy, Fluke worms nosodes, Wormwood, Lactobacillus Acid, Lactobacilllus Casei, Bifidobacterium, Capillaria Bre 10M, Torreyae Sem (grandis) (oriental herb that kills all parasites) Amoeba Hepar (detox) 10M, Granatum (tapeworms), Kamala (tapeworm & roundworm), Chenopodium Anth (roundworm, hookworm),Teucrium Mar (threadworm) itchy in the anus symptoms, cina (roundworm and pinworm), Nux Vom (worms, especially trichinaem tape and flukeworms), Tapeworm nosode 30X, 10M, Nat Phos (to help with the acid-alkaline balance if out, as the body becomes open to worms. If body is lacking of Sodium Phosphate (Nat Phos), the body keeps inviting them) with Toxoplasma Gondii 6X, 200C, 1M (parasite nosode).

EASY HOMEOPATHIC APPLICATION:  Add a dose ( is a pinch of granules) to daily meals and / or to water trough or water(filtered) bowl for all to share. 


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