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Protect Your Pet - More Shocking Facts ! Ann N.Martin

Protect Your Pet - More Shocking Facts ! Ann N.Martin

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Protect Your Pet - By Ann N. Martin

More Shocking Facts !

  • Dangers of Commercial Pet Foods
  • Raw Meat Diet Controversy
  • Excessive Vaccinations
  • Increased Cancer In Pets
  • Healthy Recipes and Resources

Today's concerned pet owners worry about the contents of their companion animals'food; wonder whether they should provide homecooked meals or raw meat instead of commercial pet food; agonize about annual vaccinations, which some believe are the cause of an increased incidence of cancer in dogs and cats; and weigh the risks and benefits of giving certain drugs to their pets.

Martin addresses these issues and updates her investigation of the unsavory and unhealthy practices of the pet food industry, which she began in Food Pets Die For (New Sage, 1997).

She implicates diet in the increase of certain conditions, including the spread of Mad Cow disease across species.

Martin provides a commonsense approach to the vaccination schedule, and her recommendations are based on solid research and are carefully footnoted.

She concludes her book with recipes for healthy, homemade pet food, a listing of pet food and pet health-related web sites, and a state-by-state list of agencies concerned with food safety.

Book Contents

Chapters :

  1. Digging for Facts
  2. Rendering Plants and Pet Food
  3. Pet Food: A Toxic Feast
  4. Pet Food Regulations
  5. The Latest on Mad Cow Disease and Pet Food
  6. The Controversial Raw Meat Diet
  7. Over-Vaccination and Disease
  8. Cancer in Animals
  9. Other Health Concerns
  10. The Ultimate Health Risk: Cruelty
    Healthy Recipes

About the Author:

Ann N. Martin is internationally recognized as an authority on the commercial pet food controversy. For the past twelve years, Ms. Martin has investigated and questioned exactly what goes into commercial pet foods. Her first book, Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food, was the first book to expose the hazards of commercial pet food. Ms. Martin’s investigative reporting on this topic was selected for special recognition as “one of the most censored news stories of 1997” by Sonoma State University’s Project Censored, which focuses on important news events that are largely ignored by mainstream media.

In her second book, Ms. Martin continues her investigation of pet-related issues, in addition to other controversial topics, revealing more shocking facts. Ms. Martin graduated with a B.A. in business from the University of Western Ontario, and worked in a tax office for several years. Ann lives in Ontario, Canada, with her animal companions, where she continues to question, research, and write about pet-related issues.

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