Quercetin "PLUS" Capsules

Quercetin "PLUS" Capsules

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  Life Spirit Quercetin Capsules x 60

A vegan capsule of a natural dietary supplement containing plant antioxidants and enzymes to support the body’s general health and fitness. Contains quercetin, green tea, hesperidin, naringin, rutin and bromelain.

Life Spirit Quercetin capsules are not intended to treat diseases. By supplementing a healthy diet, it contributes to maintaining the healthy functioning of the body, preventing pathological conditions or reducing their risk. Thus, to prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, varicose veins or to slow down the deterioration in the initial stage. People who are overweight or suffer from fat metabolism disorders in preventing the development of cardiovascular complications. It can play a role in alleviating the symptoms of chronic inflammations and degenerative joint diseases. In addition to the general chemical protection of the body, antioxidant protection is beneficial for counterbalancing the free radical load of the urban population: for example, for those who regularly consume preserved foods, food industry pastries, store soft drinks, and smokers. It supports the detoxification activity of the liver and kidneys. It can help recovery after infectious hepatitis - it is not sufficient in the active phase, in which case seek medical help. It moderately increases the metabolism, so it can be a good addition to the weight loss diet. Its mild invigorating effect can be beneficial during temporary fatigue and depression. It can alleviate complaints associated with functional intestinal diseases, especially when supplemented with probiotic preparations.

How does Life Spirit Quercetin capsules work?

Life Spirit Quercetin capsules contain plant antioxidants (quercetin, green tea, hesperidin, naringin, rutin) and enzymes (bromelain) that complement and reinforce each other to provide complex support for a range of life processes.

Life Spirit Quercetin active ingredients
Active ingredients Daily dose (1 capsule) NRV%
Quercetin 250 mg                                     NA
Green tea extract 100 mg                         NA
-less epigallocatechin gallate 50 mg        NA
Hesperidin 70 mg                                     NA
Naringin 70 mg                                         NA
Rutin 70 mg                                              NA
Bromelain (100 000 CDU) 50 mg

Possible side effects and warnings
Contraindicated with fluoroquinolone-type antibiotics, may reduce the effect of
diclofenac-type anti-inflammatory drugs and some antihypertensives. May increase
the effect of oral antidiabetics, blood-thinning drugs. It may be taken on the advice
of your doctor. Not recommended in advanced liver and/or kidney failure. In the
absence of knowledge, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding
mothers and young children.

Life Spirit Quercetin is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose or treat
any disease. It is not a substitute for a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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