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Sensory Gold Magnesium Cream 100g

Sensory Gold Magnesium Cream 100g

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Sensory Gold Magnesium Cream 100g (mild formula)

FOR SKIN CARE AND MUSCLE MASSAGE: This magnesium cream is ideal for medium and dry skin types and works superbly as an anti-ageing cream, providing a rejuvenating, silky and hydrated finish for dry skin. Use in massage to relax muscles and joints. Made with natural and organic ingredients. 2 teaspoons deliver 300mg elemental magnesium.

Sensory Gold has a luxurious buttery texture offers beautiful skin support, with a floral aroma of magnolia champaca flower, sandalwood, elemi and petitgrain. Rich plant oils and butters, infused with magnesium ions, nurture skin with nutrition, hydration and protection for a glowing complexion and anti-ageing effect. It is gentle enough for use on children, pregnant women and the elderly. Sensory Gold Magnesium Cream works superbly as an hydrating moisturizer and protective skin care. If you want to smooth out lumpy bumpy skin, this cream provides the nurturing and nutritional support needed for skin recovery, a healthy glow and more youthful complexion.

Sensory Gold Magnesium Cream – made with natural (chemical free) and organic plant oils, butters and food grade magnesium chloride salts.

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