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SuperSAF Insect Spray Starter Pak

SuperSAF Insect Spray Starter Pak

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SuperSAF Insect Spray Starter Pak  
Includes re-usable applicator & mixing bottles as shown below.

Starter Pak includes:
1 x 500ml SuperSAF Insect Spray Concentrate
1 x 500ml re-usable Mixing bottle and sprayer
1 x100ml re-usable SuperSaf Personal Insect Sprayer + Information and Usage Sheet

500 ml - makes 2.5 litres Full Strength R.T.U.(equal to at least 10 cans of store bought insect spray) .Makes 30 litres or more (depending on dilution) for garden use.
SuperSAF is a concentrated, natural pyrethrin, water based insecticide.

SuperSAF is Biodegradable, Non-flammable, Low toxicity, Non-staining.

1prt concentrate to 4 parts clean water in considered full strength R.T.U. Used as a diluted comprehensive household and garden insect spray against flies, mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, moths and garden pests.

APPLICATION: By use in diluted form in a pump action adjustable nozzle, trigger gun.
Refer to the bottle label for more detailed dilution rates.

Pyrethrin is a complex extract from the Pyrethrin or Chrysanthemum flower. SuperSAF contains natural Pyrethrin combined with two synergists that contribute to the efficacy, creating a most effective insecticide.

The outstanding properties of pyrethrin are:

    1. NATURAL
    A natural product derived from the dried flowers of the plant Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium.

    It attacks the nervous system of insects almost immediately causing knockdown, followed by kill.

    Few other insecticides can claim such a long record of proven safety towards humans and animals. It is one of the least toxic insecticides available.

    Insect resistance has not been found to be a practical problem.

    Pyrethrin has a wider spectrum of activity against insect species than most insecticides.

    Pyrethrin is degraded by the combination of sunlight and air and therefore presents little of the hazards associated with other classes of    persistent insecticides.
    a) Household Spray  (1-4 mix)
    This product makes an excellent household spray for most household pests.As this is waterbased it does not mist like an aerosol.
     Warning - remove or cover fish tanks before spraying.
    1 part Super SAF to up to 4 parts water.

    b) Garden Spray  (1-20 mix)
    Best results are obtained by spraying in the cool of the evening as insects are most active during that time. For delicate plants: e.g. seedlings, ferns, tomatoes soft-leaf plants.(1-40 mix) Also excellent on rosebushes, silverbeet,cabbages, citrus trees and stonefruit. Spray enough to lightly wet surface areas. Use at the ratio of 1:20  for most hardy plants and reapply after 7-10 days.

    c) For Pets  (1-4 mix)
    For spraying around kennels, stables, bedding etc., or wash animals coat, rinse well, apply diluted SuperSAF (1-4 mix) and rub in well, avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

    d) Cockroach infected areas  (1-4 mix)
    Thoroughly spray the infected area. Repeat spray a number of times over the next few weeks. The protective coating cockroach eggs is impervious to insect spray. Eggs may hatch in 2-3 days or over a few weeks.

    When having a BBQ, spray the wood with SAF (1:4 ratio) before lighting the fire. To keep crawling insects away, spray the tablecloth.

SuperSAF is registered by APVMA Approval No.: 56656/04/03 

This is what you receive in SuperSAF Starter Pak

supersafsml.jpgx 1 bottle concentrate + TriggandMIx.jpg x 1 refillable complete sprayer + supersafpersonal01midthumb.jpg  x 1 refillable personal applicator


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