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dr david brownstein

The Statin Disaster.

The Statin Disaster.

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The Statin Disaster

Statins are the most profitable drugs in the history of Big Pharma. Statins fail to prevent or treat heart disease for almost everyone who takes them and they are causing more harm than any other class of medications. In fact, statins are effective for approximately 1% who take them. In other words, statins fail 99% who take them.
Cholesterol is not a harmful substance. In fact, it is an essential substance that is needed by every cell in the body. We cannot live without adequate amounts of cholesterol. You will learn what steps you can take to prevent becoming a heart patient and how to holistically treat heart disease. Dr. Brownstein will show you why the cholesterol = heart disease hypothesis is a failed paradigm.
Statins are associated with a host of serious adverse effects including ALS, breast cancer, cancer, congestive heart failure, kidney and liver damage, memory problems, muscle weakness, neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and thyroid disorders.

This book will show you why statins should be pulled from the marketplace.

1. My Story
2. Statins, Statins, and More Statins
3. What is Cholesterol, HDL, and LDL?
4. Cholesterol: What is it Good For?
5. The Cholesterol = Heart Disease Hypothesis
6. The Biosynthetic Pathway for Cholesterol
7. Statistics, Damn Statistics, and Statins
8. Cholesterol Guidelines: Best Avoided
9. Adverse Effects of Statins
10. Women and Statins
11. Cholesterol and Hormones
12. Cholesterol and Hypothyroidism
13. Cholesterol and Iodine
14. Diet and Heart Disease
15. Final Thoughts

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