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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy - Dr Mark Sircus. The NEWEST EDITION.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy - Dr Mark Sircus. The NEWEST EDITION.

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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Dr. Mark Sircus - The Second Edition. Supplement Mg through your skin. 


Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is the first and only book that focuses on one of the most important, exciting, and natural ways of magnesium replenishment, i.e., via the skin. Extensive research has shown that when this vital macronutrient is rubbed onto the skin, beneficial physiological processes occur, such as a natural increase in DHEA production, that happen no other way. Dr Mark Sircus provides a critical overview of magnesium's grossly overlooked place in the nutrition matrix, as well as a comprehensive look at other available forms and  protocols.

Dr Sircus specifically emphasises the importance of using the highest quality magnesium chloride oil as there are cheaper versions available from the US which may contain a variety of heavy metals. Dr Mark recommends Ancient Minerals , but we believe our Aussie made Magnesium Oil with extra trace minerals, is equal or better ! Plus it doesn't cost as much because we are not transporting huge volumes of water too.

Table of Contents:

Preface xiii
Foreword by Daniel Reid xxi
 1 .Magnesium 1
 2 .Magnesium in Modern Medicine 9
 3 .Dietary Magnesium Deficiencies 19
 4 .Magnesium and Calcium 49
 5 .Disease, and Preventive Care 63
 6 .Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc in Cancer Prevention 81
 7 .Magnesium – Antioxidant Status – Glutathione 95
 8 .Detoxification and Chelation 103
 9 .Magnesium and ATP 127
10. Magnesium and Diabetes 131
11 .Magnesium and Strokes 163
12 .Magnesium, Violence, and Depression 171
13 .Magnesium Chloride 187
14 .Magnesium Chloride vs Magnesium Sulfate 209
15 .Memory, Cognitive Function, & Periodontal Disease 213
16 .Natural Influenza Protocol 217
17 .Inflammation and Systemic Stress 229
18 .Sexuality, Life and Aging 233
19 .Transdermal Mineral Therapy in Sports Medicine 249
20 .Menopause and Premenstrual Syndrome 259
21 .Natural Relief for Chronic Pain Sufferers 277
22 .Testing and Estimating Magnesium Levels 289
23 .Warnings and Contra-indications 297
24 .Testimonials 305
25 .Magnesium — Conception to Death 319
Appendix 303
Index 315

“This is a book which should become required reading for all aspiring naturopathic health professionals, as well as for doctors of conventional modern medicine...”
—Daniel Reid, author,
The Tao of Detox

This second edition of "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy" offers a full medical review of how magnesium affects cancer, the heart, diabetes, the emotions, inflammation, surgery, autism, transdermal medicine, and so much more. Magnesium is nothing short of a miracle; it has the potential to save you from considerable suffering and pain. The information presented here could even save your life. Magnesium is the lamp of life and one of the most important keys to overall health. When applied in the correct way, magnesium offers us a return to strength and vigor. When used in the emergency room, magnesium can save the day for both heart and stroke patients. What you will be introduced to is magnesium oil, a natural concentrated form of magnesium chloride that can be applied directly to the skin for intense effect. When we are deficient in magnesium, over three hundred enzymes in our body are unable to function properly. Magnesium deficiency has been scientifically identified as a critical factor in the onset of a wide variety of diseases. For various reasons and to varying degree, two-thirds or more of the population is magnesium deficient. Learn how to use this powerful secret to good health in "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy."


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