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Transition Essence 30ml

Transition Essence 30ml

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Transition Essence 30ml ( Please Note : Label will not be exactly as shown if we make it up to your specific order.)


This combination is made from the essences of Autumn Leaves, Bauhinia, Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Lichen, Mint Bush, Red Grevillea and Silver Princess. It eases the fear of death as well as helps one to come to terms with it.  This combination allows one to easily and gently pass over with calmness, dignity and serenity, also very helpful when dealing with your much loved pets ( when the end may be near), both for you and the animal.


Transition Essence, can also be taken by people who are going through major changes in their life e.g. changing career, moving house, relationship break up, etc. In this circumstance their etheric body would definitely not separate from their physical body. 

If you want a larger size, we can also make this remedy in a 50ml bottle with either a dropper top or a spray top. Please tell us if this is your requirement when you go through checkout. We can change your order at this side.

Bush Essences are a system of energy healing that anyone can use . Although Flower Remedies have been used by many cultures for thousands of years, Australian Bush Flower Essences meet the great need for remedies that help people address the issues of the 21st century.  

Did you know that Australia has the world's oldest & highest number of flowering plants ? They exhibit tremendous beauty & strength. As Australia is relatively unpolluted, & metaphysically has a very wise old energy, that makes " our Australian Bush Flower Essences quite UNIQUE ! "




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